Why You Shouldn’t Hire a Salesforce Freelancer   

5 min 15.12.2022 Updated: 16.07.2024

It has become easier to find someone who can quickly fix your issues. Just google is enough. But how is it possible to find someone right for your business, and will provide the result that your business is craving? As a consequence of your choice, you will know that you will not rewrite the code and spend time & money again. Spoiler alert, beware of freelancers. In this article, we will cover the key reasons why.      

Who is a Salesforce Freelancer?

A Salesforce Freelancer is an individual specialist from the Salesforce ecosystem working on its behalf. Whom do you need? A Salesforce Developer or a Salesforce Administrator? A Salesforce Consultant or a Salesforce Architecture?

There are plenty of specialists in the Salesforce market. The dilemma is whom to choose: a Freelancer, a specialist providing a one-shot deal, or a Partner, a team of specialists who can both finish tasks and provide a consultation that is more than just giving advice. Let’s deep dive into it.      

Salesforce Freelancer & Salesforce Partner

To be a Salesforce Freelancer is not the same as being a Salesforce Partner. We can describe a Partner as a team of licensed specialists with plenty of experts in Salesforce on board responsible for various tools and technologies. They may have different levels, expertise, and skill sets. But together they create magic by learning and helping each other. You can find the whole list of officially registered and certified Salesforce Partners on AppExchange – a marketplace for Salesforce Partners to let CRM users contact Partners to extend platform functionality. You can find more about who is a Salesforce Partner and how to choose the right one in our related Article

5 Key Points Why You Shouldn’t Hire a Salesforce Freelancer

We asked our Salesforce Experts to share their opinion about Salesforce Freelancers. So, we’ve recognized 5 key points why it’s not the right decision to choose a Salesforce Freelancer. Just ask yourself:     


🚩Point №1: Is it easy to manage as it seems to be?    

With the scale of your business and the volume of tasks growth, it becomes more complicated to manage freelancers. As a result, this is the case when the work on the management of team distributions, knowledge sharing, and other intra-team activities will be on the shoulders of your internals.   

🚩Point №2: Are you sure that your company is saving money?  

The savings will no longer be so obvious due to the additional internal man-hours spent on management. In the case of working with an agency, you can start from the small, for example, Routine Automation first provides a support package of 40 hours per month, and then you continue with a team of 10+ people.

🚩Point №3: Are there any guarantees a freelancer takes all responsibilities?  

You may get a less responsible person, which means the quality also may suffer.   

🚩Point №4: Are you sure a freelancer knows everything you need?

A freelancer can’t know everything. This specialist only operates in the knowledge area which has been learned.

🚩Point №5: Do you trust your hired freelancer?

A freelancer needs more control from a client’s side. For example, in the case of an agency, some managers control the work of engineers. There is constant communication while the project is going on. Transparent reports where clients can see all details about the work. Feedback collection at each stage of project development.  

Why a Salesforce Partner is the One to be Chosen

We at Routine Automation consider choosing a Salesforce Partner to implement Salesforce products your business requires and configure other solutions related to Salesforce to improve your CRM usage and deliver automation. We want to highlight next in defense of our claims: 

You can rely on Salesforce Partners – stable companies that value reputation. A brand that has invested in itself a lot. Less likely to fail.

Salesforce Partners provide a team of Salesforce experts with different skill sets based on your technical and business requirements. A pull of talents is available for you. And it’s much easier to replace one expert with another if there will be a need. 

The team of licensed specialists is responsible to monitor the development of Salesforce engineers’ hard and soft skills, checking the regulations, and so on. Freelancers are on their own. Partners like Routine Automation already obtained 90+ Salesforce certifications and participated in Salesforce live activities. 

In the case of bad feedback, Salesforce Partners may take it at their own expense to eliminate the shortcomings. And, of course, deal with an engineer who was responsible.

Salesforce Partners provide various models to engage with clients. Routine Automation, as an example, supports the time & material model and provides dedicated teams to extend clients’ inner resources. Choose the best option suitable for you. 

The team of licensed specialists monitors the quality of the work done. Partners provide feedback from real clients. You can read the client’s review about Routine Automation on Clutch.

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