Salesforce Partner: 3 Key Points How to Pick One

4 min 13.07.2022 Updated: 16.07.2024

Have you ever wondered how to find the very Salesforce Partner? Who will be a perfect match not only at first acquaintance but also in subsequent interactions and communications? Let’s find out what it takes to choose the right Salesforce Partner.   

Who is a Salesforce Partner?

Salesforce Consulting Partner is a company involved in the Salesforce ecosystem that serves other companies to maintain and improve their Salesforce CRM usage. Partners can implement, develop, customize, and integrate solutions using their expertise and best practices. 

Salesforce describes Partners as “an elite community of certified Salesforce professionals who work with you across products, industries, and everything in between”.  

As you can see from both definitions, partners play a big role in the Salesforce ecosystem. Below we can explain to you why.   

Do you know?…

Can you imagine that there are 2114 official consulting partners registered on AppExchange – a special platform created by Salesforce for its partners? On AppExchange you can find materials helping to push yourself as a partner and grow as a consultant.   

Based on a CRM Consulting review there are 79,241 Salesforce completed projects worldwide, 73165 Salesforce-certified professionals all over the world, and an average project cost for Salesforce implementation is around $5,000 and upwards. According to Salesforce itself, 91% of its customers use partner apps and experts to accelerate digital transformation. IDC reports that the Salesforce partner ecosystem will create $1.6 trillion in new business revenues and 9.3 million jobs worldwide by 2026.   

Sounds great, doesn’t it? But the main question is still open: How to find the very Salesforce Partner? And to be honest, feels like it’s becoming more complicated to find the answer. Don’t worry! Let’s discover together.     

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Why I Started Routine Automation

On the Same Page & On the Same Team 

What makes Salesforce Partner desirable in the eyes of the head of CRM, for example? We at Routine Automation have recognized 3 key points to pay attention to. Just make accents on these questions:    

Point #1: How Can I Trust YOU?

The Partner must take responsibility. You can hire a Salesforce freelancer and take all risks by yourself. Or find a Partner you can lean on; facts would speak for themselves. For example, Routine Automation as a Salesforce Partner can confirm the following statements:    

  • We deliver transparency in communication. That’s what the clients of Routine Automation say. You can check out the reviews on Clutch.     
  • We keep long-term relationships. All clients who have chosen Routine Automation are still with us.   
  • RA team is a Certified Salesforce Partner. Completed over 600 Salesforce projects. Work with companies across Europe, the US, and the UK. And have an official registration on the AppExchange platform.   

Point #2: Where Can I Find a COST-EFFECTIVE Solution?

The Partner must deliver solutions that meet all your business requirements. Let’s admit that it is not uncommon when someone is redoing work and rewriting the code of a previously hired “expert”. To avoid that it’s necessary to discover the Partner’s expertise. From Routine Automation’s experience:   

  • Technical Consulting. The expert technical team is not shy to suggest solutions the client doesn’t consider in the beginning or even overpersuade to choose another vision.    
  • Estimation. Just one word. The team objectively estimates work capacity. All processes are controlled in Jira by our project manager.  
  • Narrow Expertise. It’s what makes a Partner unique & capable of solving challenging tasks. It’s quite difficult to gain such expertise. Take a close look at a partner with best practices from narrow expertise, such as Vlocity, Commerce Cloud, e.g.

Point #3: Can we speak THE SAME language?  

Partners must speak the same language as clients to provide the best result from cooperation. We at Routine Automation can highlight the next points:  

  • It’s all about flexibility. At first, the Partner can adapt to your company’s rhythms. The second, demonstrates a quick start, sufficient resources to cover the needs of the client, quick resource replacement inside the Routine Automation team, a clear area of responsibility for each specialist, etc.   
  • Do not forget about soft skills. Mostly our clients say that Routine Automation “gets feedback and reacts quickly”.   

If you still have questions about Salesforce Partners and its ecosystem you can find a Trailhead content table helping you finally to decide on problem-solving.    

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