What is Salesforce Pardot?

4 min 28.10.2022 Updated: 23.07.2024

Veronika Klimova

Veronika is a Certified Salesforce Administrator in the Routine Automation team. She is responsible for Pardot implementation & setup. Gained 2 SF certificates: Salesforce Administrator and Pardot Specialist.

We can’t imagine effective marketing without email campaigns to engage leads in nurturing programs, and analytics that works by connecting with Google products and various social media platforms, that provide all marketing data to sales teams. Meet Pardot (Marketing Cloud Account Engagement)! Routine Automation Pardot Consultant Veronika shared her expertise about this Salesforce product.  

9 questions to Pardot consultant  

Pardot Dashboard to collect and analyze data

Salesforce Pardot is a software as a service (SaaS) marketing automation platform by Salesforce offering email automation, targeted email campaigns, and lead management for B2B sales and marketing teams.  

What facts should you know about Pardot?

Starting from 2022 also known as Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Is not a part of Marketing Cloud  B2B solution that can be used as a B2C marketing tool Do not integrate with Instagram by default  Easy to setup and use

What Clients’ issues does Pardot solve?

  • Gather lead data  
  • Identify the best leads  
  • Lead nurturing and engagement  
  • Campaign management  
  • Manage content  
  • CRM integration
  • Analytics and Reporting   

What Clients should choose Pardot?

It depends on meeting the next criteria:  

  • Business size: Small and Mid-size  
  • CRM: Salesforce CRM 
  • Customer Communication Channels: Email, Web, and some Social Media channels   
  • Connectors to 3rd party tools: Limited number of connectors  
  • Maintenance: Easy to manage and maintain  
  • Pricing: 1250 EUR+ per month 

What is useful in Pardot for clients? 

Connectors to analytics and social media to conduct everything staying Pardot

Automation that allows you to set up processes and forget about them. Connectors to analytics, such as Google Analytics, and Google Ads. And of course, webinars. You can connect Pardot to existing customer forms or WordPress, it works well. 

Pardot has a good set of functions that Clients with a small number of customers need. Emails, automation, analytics, reports. Fast synchronization with Salesforce and clear functionality.  

Can you highlight one useful feature your Clients love?  

Dynamic content to send one email with different languages

I consider dynamic content. Depending on the value of the field, different content will be sent. For example, if we speak about the languages field, you can make different content for different languages, and then insert it into an email. As a result, there is no problem sending one email in different languages. 

What do excite Clients the most in Pardot?  

Salesforce Engage allows sales managers to get marketing data
  • 1. Pardot directly integrates with Salesforce and it’s a big plus. From one side you can easily convert prospects into leads and then give all information to sales departments. From another continue to market already existing Clients and thus close more deals.   
  • 2. Forms and Form Handlers are quite easily integrated with the website and therefore directly create new prospects in the system.    
  • 3. Pardot tracks visitors’ activity and potential customers on Clients’ websites and landing pages.    
  • 4. Engagement Studio by Pardot helps to create marketing journeys for Clients. Previously none of them has such a robust functionality.  
  • 5. Nowadays Salesforce offers to purchase Salesforce Engage licenses. This solution allows for connecting marketing and sales departments. Now sales teams can manage absolutely all clients’ activities starting from opening emails and finishing visiting a website, and thus react to requests faster, and sell appropriate clients at the right time.   
  • 6. Pardot provides flexible and customized prospects’ scoring and grading system. It’s a quite rare solution that other platforms don’t have.  

So, why use Pardot? 

Pardot is not so difficult to use. It’s quite simple for Clients to work in Pardot. You can configure some additional options, for example, connection with Zoom, webinars, etc. Yes, Pardot Salesforce has a not-so-convenient email builder, but we do our best to give Clients functionality that can change and copy emails, and use them as Clients need. Pardot is quite cheaper than Marketing Cloud.   

How quickly can I learn Pardot? 

If you strive to learn the basics, to understand what Pardot stands for, how it works, and how Pardot can be configured, two weeks will be enough. You are ready. When you have a plan with correctly assigned and sequentially scheduled topics to follow it’s going to be easy. From my point of view, when you have an experienced mentor asking clients the right questions during sync calls it helps you to develop abilities to think. It’s so great when you hear the questions like ‘If I want this what will we get in the end?”, “What do we need?”, etc. In the future, you will be prepared to ask the clients questions.  

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