Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud: trends & solutions

5 min 17.03.2022 Updated: 16.07.2024
By 2021 the B2B commerce industry is expected to grow from $889 billion to $1.2 trillion according to Forrester Research. Let’s discover B2B Commerce trends and how Salesforce Commerce Cloud can deal with them.

The growth of remote selling solutions 

Remote sales interactions will be the norm for the foreseeable future as physical-distancing requirements and travel restrictions persist. According to the Salesforce State of Commerce report, 65% of B2B brands plan to invest more in e-commerce and in the next 2 years, the majority of B2B leaders expect digital sales to make up over 50% of their business. McKinsey reported that 51% of respondents preferred to sell products and services without sales representatives just directly online with e-commerce solutions, while only 21% of respondents are willing to meet in person with their customers instead of 55% before the pandemic started.

Be friendly with the digital channel approach  

According to the McKinsey survey, respondents were more likely to cite digital than traditional channels. Almost 62% of them, that is 10% more than before COVID-19, were using online support like chatting with customers via video, website and mobile apps as a sales model during COVID-19. Does it mean digital channels are most valuable in researching suppliers’ processes?

Booming customer remote experience expectations

Customers expect a remote experience of high quality, and companies must strive to improve in this area if they want to reduce sales costs and increase customer experience.

Your business begins to lose if you can’t go forward with digital  

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According to the Salesforce State of Commerce Report, 63% of B2B sales leaders report that e-commerce has freed their teams from the logistics of order processing and allowed them to become strategic advisors. Sales reps become much more than order takers, as they now have more time to devote to learning more about the business climate, their industries, products, and customers. What does unite all these trends? The answer is the word “Digital”. It underscores the importance of cloud technologies in the new era. And nowadays digital from one side is an all-in-one solution which allows you to work from anywhere and without negative consequences for businesses, from another an easy online access to suppliers so B2B commerce customers can buy products to run their business. We suggest taking a close look at Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud.

Close Look On Salesforce B2B Commerce

Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud is built on the Salesforce CRM platform, where customers, distributors and buyers seamlessly combine commerce and CRM data for a complete view of the customer. For example, a seller’s account manager can manage B2B Commerce with CRM data combination, which is orders, carts, cases and opportunities both for individual customers and in aggregate. Business buyers using e-commerce sites can access data directly from their web portals for account and order management with ease. According to the Forrester Research, Salesforce Commerce Cloud for the first time has been positioned as a leader in The Forrester Wave: B2B Commerce Suites Q2 2020 Report. Salesforce B2B Commerce received the highest possible scores in the criteria of business intelligence and analytics, AI and machine learning, and delivery and extensibility ecosystem.
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Benefits Are Here! 

It’s impossible to believe in technology that does not bring benefits.

Engage new customers’ solution 

Just use all information about the customer from marketing and sales departments, support services and others to engage at any digital touchpoint. Tailor your B2B Commerce to each customer in real-time. Improve customer retention and build customer loyalty with guided buying experiences faster and easier.

Meet needs of specific industries 

The platform fits the needs of every industry with a digital approach in a personalized way. You can streamline ordering, implement account-based pricing, split shipments, stock inventory in retail stores, and support contract pricing and custom catalogues with smart digital experiences. As a result, the company can increase subscription sales, automate renewals, and kickstart recurring revenue.

Boost your business with the digital approach 

Can you imagine entering the market in weeks instead of some years? Let’s make the dream come true with help of digital solutions, don’t lose a chance to capture your share of B2B e-commerce opportunities. Then scale your business with the ecosystem of partners, and launch custom and branded storefronts, which are created for companies that make large volume purchases from other companies on the Internet on your B2B Commerce Cloud platform. And finally, integrate all your apps, data and information to get a 360-degree view of your customer with the Salesforce Order Management feature.

Revenue maximization 

The platform gives opportunities to improve customer experience anytime and anywhere from any device. Also, you can solve your b2b commerce challenges with platform features, such as fast reorders, account hierarchies, contract pricing, custom catalogues, and more. Don’t forget about the costs. With a self-service tool, the company can focus on more prioritized tasks and save time and money. We are confident that your sales department appreciates these digital actions a lot. Cause now they can not only eliminate manual tasks but also have access to real-time customer data.
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If you decided to choose and develop the B2B Salesforce Commerce Cloud solution, we are here to help you make it custom and personalized especially for your business needs.Let’s get commerce evolution started together! Click the link to find out about Salesforce Commerce Cloud in B2C.Read more about CPQ technology in Salesforce, tools for productive communication and other technologies in our Blog.
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