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The ultimate Salesforce solution for automotive companies that works at your speed.


Maximizing Business Efficiency in Automotive

Automotive companies and reps benefit from Salesforce Automotive CRM with a better dealership experience and increased customer base. Improve collaboration between dealers and manufacturers to enhance customer engagement and delivery.Drive success with Salesforce Automotive CRM!

Automotive companies and reps benefit from Salesforce Automotive CRM with a better dealership experience and increased customer base. Improve collaboration between dealers and manufacturers to enhance customer engagement and delivery. Personalize solutions for leads to boost sales conversions. Choose from a variety of Salesforce tools to strengthen customer relationships and industry success. Get cost-effective solutions for long-lasting relationships with customers. Drive success with Salesforce Automotive CRM!

Salesforce Features for Automotive

Let us know your Salesforce project needs and we’ll set up a time to chat about timelines, budgets and next steps.

Integration with 3rd party systems

We apply multiple integrations like database- Salesforce integration, AWS links between Salesforce and other systems, customer ERP- Salesforce integration via databases and Heroku for supply chain management, and Cross Engage platform- Salesforce integration. Database integration streamlines data flows between systems. Heroku connectors integrate ERP and Salesforce for better force chain control.

Improve Analytics

We configure Reports & Dashboard for your auto CRM to correctly display all data in charts, graphics, and table representation. You can find report types and clean up data faster reducing processing time.

Custom Solutions

We develop custom technology that helps to disable email distribution when clients request it. Also, customize the email editing functionality using Lightning Web Components. Our team builds custom interfaces with direct integration to the data bus for seamless connections. We create custom logic to sync prices between Salesforce CPQ and Salesforce B2B/CloudCraze objects so pricing is consistent across platforms.

Save Time With Automatic Layout

We implement Visualforce Pages to change and customize the standard ones. It allows you automatically change the HTML layout of adding or removing products. As a result, you have an up-to-date list of goods, and data is dynamically inserted into the template.

Personalized support and round-the-clock assistance

Your agents will communicate with your customers on a website in real-time, and add new leads thanks to Live Agent configuration. The Chatbot Solution helps to close the case when the agent is absent - It provides automated responses and assistance to customers, ensuring that their queries or concerns are addressed promptly. As a result-faster resolution of complex problems and reduced wait times improve customer satisfaction.

Generate accurate quotes faster, close deals quicker

You have a correct quote with a detailed product description. We create custom CPQ Quote Templates using PDF Butler paid application to change the original view of your quote, enabling you to collect all the necessary data from quotations, ensuring complete and accurate information. This customization improves the overall presentation and efficiency of your quotations, allowing you to offer a professional and tailored experience to your customers.


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Benefits for Automotive

Achieve the best results for your automotive business

Benefits for Automotive
Increased sales
Customer experience improvement
Customer experience improvement
Partnerships & new dealer programs acceleration
Partnerships & new dealer programs acceleration
Reduced workload

Salesforce for
Automotive FAQ

If you still have questions, please open one of them. We’ve got answers:
What is Salesforce for the Automotive industry?

CRM software called Salesforce for Automotive operates on the cloud. It increases communication with consumers, partners, suppliers, OEMs, and retailers while optimizing processes and cutting costs through automobile CRM.

How long does it take to conduct Salesforce implementation for automotive?

The project timeline can vary from a few weeks to several years. It depends on the scope of work and estimation and includes the following approach: design and specify, implement, test, deploy, evolve. Share details of the project with our team to see what to expect.

How much does it cost to implement Salesforce for automotive?

Depends on different factors such as the scope of work, timeline, and rates of the Salesforce partner. Contact us to get a personalized estimation for your automotive business needs.

Can I implement Salesforce by myself in-house?

You can always implement CRM in the automotive industry on your own and bear all risks for the level of expertise of hired Salesforce specialists. But to get the most out of your investment, you’ll need an experienced Salesforce partner who has all the expertise needed, takes risks, bears responsibility, and provides ongoing support to ensure the success of your automotive CRM.

What are the benefits of working with a Salesforce Partner?

A good Salesforce Partner is not just an order taker, but he is a true consultant that listens to requirements and provides productive feedback. In the long run, it is crucial to have such a partner, who provides consulting and proficiency in both business needs and automotive-specific requirements, as well as technical expertise.