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Increase the number of orders and enhance marketing strategy with B2C Commerce Cloud 


A rugby club in the UK with a sports equipment shop.




The CLIENT asked for the solution to integrate their online store with a mobile app having a similar website interface. Also, the client was considering switching to another platform. At the stage of the development, the client requested to rework the user experience so it would be more convenient for users to make orders from the website. To make the website look more informative and modern.  

Based on the CLIENT’s requirements, the RA team suggested the following:  

🚩 Our experts have implemented an Inventory management system to create product requests and track inventory consumption, as well as to create return orders to facilitate the return and repair of items.   

🚩 Configuration of open commerce API allows external web applications to interface with e-commerce functionality such as cart and checkout and provides data object access to product and catalogue.  

🚩 The RA team has developed a user-friendly Mobile app using Flutter and its integration with the website to boost customer experience, also the team configured integration with QR-code scanners.   

🚩 The order management connector has been configured. The connector provides flow customization to modernize the Actions & Recommendations section which initiates post-purchase actions. For example, if the prospect cancels the ordered item a special email will be sent.    

🚩 Item delivery flow customization gives buyers an option to track their orders online.   

🚩 Integration with payment systems and loyalty programs, as well as creating bills and invoices to provide payment processing and timely invoicing.   

🚩 Marketing cloud social studio integration with LinkedIn and Facebook to enhance customer engagement through the social networks. The customers submitting the Facebook form and passing the customer journey have gotten into Marketing Cloud. If you make or do not make a purchase, you get emails via Marketing Cloud or get push notifications if you have a mobile application. Also, the client is already using Service Cloud to handle the support cases. Now the customers can log them through Facebook. 



🚀 The number of orders has increased by 30% 

With inventory management, the processes have been simplified.  

🚀 The quantity of support cases has decreased by 17%

Due to Service Cloud and the implementation and integration of its features.   
🚀 Boosted marketing strategy

Marketing cloud integration with social networks has helped the client to engage with the customer by mailing and sending notifications wherever the customer made a purchase or not, as well as post-purchase service has improved through social network integrations. As a result, the completion rate of the marketing funnel has significantly improved.  

Tools & Technologies

Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud: Inventory Management, Open Commerce API. Mobile app Development (Flutter), Flow Customization
Integration with 3rd party system
Marketing Cloud: Marketing Cloud social studio