Why Do We Need a Discovery Phase?

3 min 13.10.2022 Updated: 16.07.2024

Today we are going to talk about a significant stage of the project lifecycle – a Discovery Phase. Do you know the primary purpose of this phase? Every stage of a Salesforce project has its own value. And the start of a project plays the biggest role in successful development. Let’s find out why it’s important to conduct a discovery phase to kickstart a project right.       

What is actually a Discovery Phase in Project Management?

A Discovery Phase is the first and mandatory stage of development in project management. Discovery represents an analysis of business goals and business requirement-gathering processes to deliver the best result in the end. A Discovery Phase is a project’s phase of finding out what actually the client wants. Usually, it’s the first phase before starting the development of the project. A discovery phase is estimated at 5% of the full project’s duration.  

How a Discovery Phase is conducted in Routine Automation?

Once Routine Automation has sold the project and given the scope of work to the development team, they start with a requirements investigation. Forms a list of questions that in the future can help prevent disagreements between the client and the team, and empower them to create a product that meets all client’s expectations. We at Routine Automation conduct a discovery phase with the project manager and the lead Salesforce developer. 

The results of the phase can vary from project to project: 

If the project is relatively small, one call and a review of the scope will be enough to make sure that both parties correctly understand the purpose of the project. 

Perhaps the project doesn’t have a scope of tasks and estimations, then it’s the discovery phase that helps to further understand what is needed to cover the client’s requirements. In this case, the result of the discovery phase can include a solution design, prototypes, and a top-level list of functions. 

So, why do we need a discovery phase?    

What the Routine Automation experts can say about the importance of a Discovery Phase for your project? We’ve generated the next key reasons:   

The better a discovery phase will be conducted; the fewer rewritings will be at the next stages. It becomes easier to build the planning and stick to the plan and deadlines.   

It’s a good start! You can consider that all questions and misunderstandings have been resolved at the discovery stage. It seems like cleaning the house. Everything is in its place. Understand what, where, and how we have and continue to act further.  

If you don’t carry out the discovery phase, you will have to go back to some stages. We go back, redo, rewrite, recheck, etc. What do we have in the end? More time & money, less result.   

A discovery phase encourages a risk management policy in the company. And for sure determine and save the budget in a long-term perspective.    

A discovery phase helps to make a more accurate scope of tasks or confirm an existing one and thus reduce risks. 

A discovery phase helps to make a roadmap for the project. 

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