Mobile CRM by Salesforce: Do We Actually Need One? 

4 min 20.04.2022 Updated: 16.07.2024

Have you heard about mobile CRM?  

It’s a solution that ensures the full operation of CRM on smartphones, tablets, and other Internet-enabled devices, which allows sales, marketing, and customer service departments to access and manage key information in real-time, wherever they are. 

Just a few decades ago we can’t even imagine it. Not only to fit data and information but also to track and manage it in such a compact device. Now it’s too realistic. The question is, will the companies adopt a mobile CRM solution? What they can get instead? 

# To Use or Not to Use: Opinions vs Statistics

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The answer surprised us.  

The mobile app has turned out to be not so popular if we are talking about working in CRM. Actually, there is no need for mobiles when we have a large screen on a desktop. And we got used to the morning openings of the sales manager’s laptops.  

But what about international statistics? Let’s dive deeper into this phenomenon.

Forrester says 50% of teams improved their productivity by using a mobile CRM. A Nucleus Research report finds that for companies using a mobile CRM, 65% are achieving their sales quotas. Global mobile CRM market revenue currently stands at US$ 26.2 Bn and is predicted to exhibit progression at an impressive CAGR of 10.4% to reach a market valuation of US$ 52.4 By by the end of 2029. The North American mobile CRM market currently holds the largest market share of 25.7% in the global landscape. Sales of mobile CRM in Europe account for 20% of the global mobile CRM market revenues. No wonder, mobile CRM is a trend for several years and continue to be a trend in 2022.

# 3 Points that prove Mobile CRM increases your productivity

Salesforce mobile CRM system allows you to manage your calendar, follow up with leads, schedule calls, and collaborate with your sales team. We highlight the next benefits: 

✔️  Unified app on goes 

It doesn’t matter if you are walking down the street or standing in line for a cup of coffee, you can work with CRM without interrupting actions, access dashboards on the go, and up-to-date data every time. 

✔️ Full functionality in compact mobile  

Mobile CRM enables managers to dial into meetings with click-to-call, open and share files with their colleagues, and access and update leads, contacts, and opportunities.

✔️ Accelerated hands-on solution  

Don’t worry about traffic jams or other force majeure situations when you need to work with CRM, and the situation does not particularly allow you to do it quickly, timely, and conveniently.

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# Mobile Publisher is not only a mobile solution for CRM

Salesforce knows how to deliver the product in a personalized and customized way. And given us a Mobile Publisher solution to create a customized and branded mobile app of a Salesforce Lightning app. 

The question is: does my business need it? When I can just download the Salesforce App and use it.

✔ Firstly, to personalize the app means to identify it with your employees. In some way localize it to sales managers and business development representatives to make the adoption process lasts comfortable and fast. 

✔ Secondly, to customize the app means to identify it with your brand. Add branded icons, corporate colours, and other elements of your visual identity. Use a drag-and-drop development tool to deliver these configurations without code.

✔  Thirdly, to improve the app’s listening means to easily publish it for employees, and to download it from the App Store or Google Play. Listing Wizard helps you upload your branded assets, test beta versions, and publish your new app.

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