Do you know what Vlocity is used for?  

2 min 09.03.2022 Updated: 18.07.2024

Salesforce for Industries platform – called Vlocity – is this kind of tool about which we’ve heard a lot but still can’t fully understand what is used for. Routine Automation certified Vlocity developer shares with you key facts about Vlocity.  

What is Vlocity? 

Vlocity, built natively on the Salesforce platform, provides industry-specific solutions for such industries as Communications, Insurance, Health, Media and Entertainment, Energy & Utilities and Government. It extends the standard functionality of the Salesforce Clouds (e.g. Service Cloud) by adding new interfaces and models (like Enterprise Product Catalog, Industries CPQ) depending on the specific industry and allows to customize business processes with help of the new design tool – OmniStudio which comes with OmniScripts, Integration Procedures, Calculation Matrices & Procedures and others. 

What does Vlocity solve? 

Vlocity allows to easily handle multi-channel customer engagement by providing numerous ready-to-use solutions which can be adjusted to the actual requirements. For example, for the Communications industry Vlocity streamlines the work with the subscription model via the Industries CPQ (Configure – Price – Quote) and the Enterprise Product Catalog. For Insurance, simplifies the approach to the policy lifecycle management and provides a modern way to determine what can be offered to a specific client or what can be covered by a selected insurance policy by creating different kinds of rules. 

What does Vlocity improve? 

Vlocity increases the performance of your sales teams by offering easy-to-use tools and uniform interfaces, providing a better customer experience with guided selling processes. It allows doing more with writing fewer code thanks to the use of the OmniStudio tools, which rapidly increases the development speed.

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