Why I started Routine Automation

4 min 30.03.2023 Updated: 15.07.2024

I started with a vision and a dream, and it’s been a wild ride! Now three and a half years later, I can confidently say that we’ve accomplished a lot, but there is still more on our to-do list.

— Pavel Klachkou, CEO in Routine Automation company

My Background – Software Engineer to Bones.

My passion has always been to develop rational, cost-effective systems that are user-friendly, easy to understand, reliable, transparent, fail-safe, and resilient, with the ability to withstand stress testing. Before founding Routine Automation (RA), I spent six years working as a software engineer, honing my skills in Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics AX, and Node.js. 

My Salesforce career progressed rapidly, and in just four years, I advanced to a lead position at my previous company. Afterward, I worked as an independent software engineer for a while before seizing the opportunity to start my own company. My work primarily focused on automating repetitive and manual tasks for clients, saving them time and enabling them to be more creative and productive.  

I believe this is the core purpose of computers, software, and automation – to alleviate routine tasks from humans and empower them to reach their full potential. 

Why is Routine Automation?

Well, as a software engineer, I’ve accumulated a lot of insights and answers over the years. I like to think of myself as a bit of a business therapist, kind of like a tech-savvy doctor who knows where their pain points lie. Businesses are constantly seeking ways to operate more effectively, how stay relevant and remain competitive.  

Here is my top business request list: 

🧩 Reviewing and optimizing existing procedures for individual employees or departments 

🧩 Enhancing teamwork and cross-functional collaboration 

🧩 Streamlining departmental structures and business processes 

🧩 Reassessing the range of products and services offered 

🧩 Investing in employee training and professional development 

🧩 Implementing lean management principles to eliminate waste and optimize operations 

🧩 Optimizing supply chain management for efficiency and cost reduction 

🧩 Effectively managing organizational change 

🧩 Fostering a culture of innovation and continuous improvement 

🧩 Implementing quality management systems and practices 

A significant area of opportunity for improvement lies in automating routine tasks and facilitating seamless teamwork and cross-functional collaboration throughout the organization using digitalization. This involves replacing traditional methods, such as pen-and-paper or spreadsheets, with advanced software solutions and ensuring the seamless integration of these systems to eliminate constant data import and export. 

 I asked Chat GPT what Routine Automation refers to, and this is what it gave me. 

Routine automation is a process of automating repetitive, mundane, and boring tasks using software, tools, or technology. This type of automation is designed to increase efficiency, reduce human error, and save time and resources by taking over tasks that can be easily managed by machines, algorithms, or artificial intelligence. 

🚀 That is why we as a company are named ROUTINE AUTOMATION – our mission is to help automate your repetitive, routine, and sometimes tedious tasks to spend your time on solving creative and non-trivial tasks  

We have chosen Salesforce and its cloud-based platform as our primary automation tool because it enables us to create dependable, failsafe, and resilient systems for our clients while allowing us to focus on implementing practical business solutions. 

We firmly believe that people are the driving force behind successful organizations, functioning as their brain, heart, and other vital components. A strong team can achieve extraordinary results, and we are proud to say that ROUTINE AUTOMATION is comprised of such a team.  

👇 Our shared values and principles include:

Routine Automation is a company founded by software engineers dedicated to implementing rational, reliable, and cost-effective solutions for our valued customers. 

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