Is Your Business in Need of Transformation? Here are the Signs to Look Out For

4 min 20.04.2023 Updated: 15.07.2024

What are the signs that it’s time to update business operations?  

I divide these signals into two categories: external and internal. 

External signals may include a drop in financial indicators or product-related conversions. For example, if you realize that your product is outdated and no matter how much effort you put in, it’s performing worse and worse, or if you see a competitor rapidly overtaking you, it may be time to consider modifying your business model or product. 

Pavel Klackou
Founder, CEO

Internal signals, on the other hand, can include prolonged stagnation, whereas comparing the indicators of the first quarter of the previous year to the current year shows no increase at all. Another internal signal is your employees. While an entrepreneur can stop the development of a company, they cannot stop the development of their team. It’s important to develop together with employees and create a culture of growth and development. 

Corporate Lifecycle model by Dr. Ichak Adizes

1. Localize the problem 

Break it down into components and see exactly where the difficulties are, and what prevents you from moving forward. This can be measured even without any deep analytics, and in the format of proportions to understand what is suffering now. For example, you are fine with the product, marketing, and sales, but financial management is a mess. Because of this, you are faced with cash gaps and cannot produce a new batch of products. Knowing where you “hurt”, it is much easier to understand how to cure it. 

2. Develop your weaknesses 

One of the most common mistakes of entrepreneurs is to only develop their strengths. In today’s competitive market, it’s important to develop your weaknesses to the hygienic level, tighten them up, and learn to find your mistakes faster. It’s also important to prepare your team for changes, reduce resistance to these changes, and make an infrastructure around them so that it’s comfortable to change.  

3. Automate and streamline 

Leaders and business owners need to measure indicators and automate their processes. There are a lot of solutions available that can help a business see where they have weaknesses and problems, what can be improved, and what is working effectively. One of the common mistakes is to stay with old systems that appeared in the 2010s. It’s important to keep up with new services and design systems that can help optimize and improve processes. Many solutions are available that can help businesses identify weaknesses, improve processes, and optimize efficiency. It’s also important to be open to integrating new innovations into your business processes to stay ahead of the curve. 

4. Be open and integrate innovations 

You have learned to see how many new things are appearing around, but in order for this to help the business improve its performance, you need to analyze technologies and implement them. I suggest you dive into all solutions and try to integrate them. The business owner needs to understand what result he is going to get, what he will get in the end, and what difficulties may arise. By solving these problems, you introduce new processes and make sure that it is really better, more convenient, and easier. But this is not the endpoint, most likely you will have to change something again. 

At Routine Automation, for example, we specialize in solving customers’ problems through Salesforce Automation as a Certified Partner and Consultant. By automating certain processes and integrating innovative solutions like AI, businesses can save time and resources while improving their overall efficiency. It can help to improve the speed and responsiveness of business processes. By automating tasks such as customer service or order fulfillment, companies can respond more quickly to customer needs and requests, improving overall customer satisfaction and loyalty. This can also help to reduce the risk of delays or backlogs in business processes, ensuring that orders are fulfilled and delivered in a timely manner. 

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