Salesforce Chatbot Solutions: how to choose one

3 min 31.08.2022 Updated: 23.07.2024

 Why you should choose Salesforce Chatbots?

Salesforce chatbot solution lets your business reach the next goals:
  • Replace a human agent when it’s not possible to respond to an urgent client’s request 
  • Improve the productivity of customer support managers and redirect them to solving prioritized tasks using automation 
  • Reduce the cost of payments to support staff by implementing automated solutions 
  • Implement modern technologies as a tool to increase competitiveness and enhance customer experience and more  

Don’t underestimate this technology. The result can be achieved depending on the company’s priorities and the speed of decision-making aimed at change. 

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Salesforce Einstein Bots as a Native Solution

In some cases, your chats can be powered by Salesforce Einstein.  

This solution helps free up some of your agents’ time and provides customers with answers to trivial questions about order status, flight details, etc. And only if your chatbot can’t help, it will transfer customers to agents competent in the area of the customer’s problem.    

Integrated Chatbot in Salesforce as an External Solution

Also, you can create a chatbot and integrate it within Salesforce, or choose an already existing solution with chatbot functionality that easily taps into Salesforce data on AppExchange – a marketplace created especially for Salesforce needs to expand solutions, partners and jobs across the Salesforce ecosystem. 

If you connect a chatbot through an external system you should connect it to Salesforce Lightning. And if you are creating a chatbot on a platform other than Salesforce, you should connect it to Salesforce Lightning. This means that you configure the chatbot application in the application manager, which is located in Salesforce lightning, and add it to the utility panel. 

Salesforce Chatbot vs Integrated Chatbot in Salesforce

To help understand which solution is better keep in mind these selection criteria:  
  • Price. Let’s be honest, for business, it’s one of the key factors to select tools and technologies. The price should be acceptable for the scale of your company.   
  • Features. Deep dive into your company’s needs and take a look at which pain points you want to reduce and what features can help to do it.    
  • Configuration. Choose the solution it’s only the beginning of the chatbot journey. To implement and configure it, estimate time and money on implementation.  It is important to find a partner who will do the work 100%, and in the end, you will get the result you were aiming for.  
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