How to Choose an FSL Consultant: A Guide to 8 Crucial Considerations

3 min 25.05.2023 Updated: 16.07.2024

Introduction to Salesforce Field Service Lightning (FSL)

Before we dive into the details of choosing an FSL consultant, we’ll briefly introduce Salesforce FSL. This is a powerful feature within the Salesforce ecosystem that optimizes your field service operations. It manages work orders, scheduling, and mobile staff, streamlining your service operations and improving customer satisfaction. An FSL consultant is the key to unlocking the full potential of this powerful tool. 

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Who is a Salesforce Field Service Lightning (FSL) consultant?

An FSL consultant is an expert in implementing and optimizing FSL in your organization. With a deep understanding of field service management processes, best practices, and Salesforce FSL know-how, they are ready to transform your field service operations. 

A Glimpse into Day in the Life of an FSL Consultant

An FSL consultant collaborates with stakeholders, understanding your field service operations, identifying challenges, and outlining desired outcomes. Through interviews, workshops, and analysis, they gather requirements and document business processes. With these requirements in hand, they design a tailored solution using Salesforce FSL, including defining workflows, configuring settings, customizing objects, and designing the data model to meet your specific field service needs. 

They guide your organization through the implementation process, aligning Salesforce FSL with the agreed solution design. If needed, they help integrate Salesforce FSL with other systems, such as Salesforce Service Cloud, ERP systems, or third-party applications. Beyond implementation, they continue to support your organization by providing ongoing maintenance, troubleshooting, and optimization of your Salesforce FSL solution. 

Implementing Salesforce Service Cloud and Field Service Lightning to Improve Customer Satisfaction and Support Processes 

Choosing the best FSL consultant: things to consider

 🧩 Partner in crime: Look for a consultant who is committed to your success. Their eagerness to help and streamline your FSL process is vital to achieving optimal results for your business automation.  

 🧩 Knowledge and experience: Look for consultants with in-depth knowledge of FSL functionality, features, and out-of-the-box solutions. Ask for certifications, past project experiences, and customer testimonials related to FSL implementation. 

 🧩 Quality advice: A great consultant understands your needs and can guide you to effective solutions, even those you may not have considered. They act as a trusted advisor, leveraging their expertise to align FSL with your organization’s specific needs and objectives. 

 🧩 Industry-specific knowledge: Prioritize consultants with experience in your industry. They will understand your specific challenges and will be able to tailor FSL to your organization’s needs. 

🧩 Integration Capability: FSL often integrates with other systems such as CRM, ERP, or third-party applications. Your consultant should be experienced in these types of integrations and be able to seamlessly integrate FSL with your existing technology stack. 

🧩 Training and user adoption: Implementing FSL also involves training your staff and managing change. A good consultant will create workshops and provide instructions to ease the transition and user adoption process. 

🧩 Ongoing support: Implementing FSL is not a one-time task, but requires ongoing support, maintenance, and improvement. Learn about the consultant’s post-implementation support options, including managed services or ongoing consulting. 

🧩 Cost and budget: Finally, make sure the consultant’s pricing fits your budget. Ask for a detailed breakdown of costs, including implementation, licensing, integration, and ongoing support. 

Considering these eight factors will help you select a Salesforce Field Service Lightning consultant who has the knowledge, experience, and skills to successfully implement and optimize FSL for your organization’s unique needs. 

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