How to become a strong Salesforce Engineer?

2 min 05.07.2022 Updated: 16.07.2024

Even if you have already become a Salesforce engineer or are about to become one, a few tips can help you out whether you think you need them or not. Tips from our Founder can provide you with motivation, inspiration, and a little extra knowledge to get things moving. 

How to become a strong Salesforce Engineer: 8 Tips from the Routine Automation Founder

🚀Spend more time on learning and memorizing

It’s just a matter of habit to bring some automation into your head.

🚀Every day learn something new

Do not be lazy, stay in a training memory mood. 

🚀Seek ways how to keep it simple

To write the code with ease. In Vs Code, you can write the code fast and more effectively than in Dev Console e.g. 

🚀It’s essential to listen to opposite points of view

When you already have deep expertise, you can start to suppress different opinions far from yours. It’s fundamental to accept clients’ feedback and implement all necessary changes.

🚀Assiduity is king

Especially during the first year. Presumably to work harder than the company asks. In the first stage, you are investing in yourself in your expertise to work faster in the future.  

🚀Be able to write pure code without any mistakes right away

Do not rewrite. It doesn’t work like this. The client has tested that functionality, but you will not be able to rewrite the code – there is no time for it. The evaluation always includes time to write code once, not 10 times of the same working code.

🚀Know how to test the code which you have written

If you send the code with errors to testing, be ready to do it over. So, stay self-sufficient, and find your solution to make it fast and effective. Talking about my approach, I prefer to write the unit tests on each bug. Firstly, there will be coverage, and secondly, there will be working test scenarios.

🚀Be the partner to every client

Draw inspiration from seeing the happy client’s eyes. You have common goals and it’s your job to make things right. 

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