How To Automate Your Sales Process

5 min 12.01.2023 Updated: 16.07.2024

They say, work hard – play hard. Sales departments are necessary to sell more in order to get high revenue. But how to reduce their workload dealing with paperwork and other routines? The Routine Automation Senior Partnership Manager Maria shares her experience with Sales Automation.       

Sales Automation in a Nutshell

Daily sales teams generate and nurture leads, qualify them, and convert them to sales. While doing these they perform a lot of small actions, and, of course, spend efforts and time to do their job well. Let’s imagine recently the company has implemented automation in sales departments. What does it look like? A software with a set of tools that can automate the process of repetitive actions in sales. As the result, sales teams reduce workload and thus spend time on their main duties – sales.    

How does Sales Automation work?

As a matter of fact, you can’t replace a human with a machine. But certain tasks for sure can be automatically closed. McKinsey Global Institute research shows that a third of sales operations activities can be automated.  And here is where the automation tools come.    

What Sales processes can be automated?

  • Weekly reporting 
  • Scheduling meetings  
  • Sales forecasting 
  • Leads’ prioritization  
  • Quotes’ generation 
  • Contracts’ renewal 
  • Price book assignments 
  • Price discounts  

Why do your Sales need Automation?

Our Senior Partnership and Business Development Manager highlights the following key reasons to implement automation into sales processes:  

🧩 Shorten the time   

Your sales teams can decrease the manual processing of customer data. It means you can do more sales. 

🧩 Plan your sales pipeline smarter

Automation helps to plan the sales pipeline providing your sales teams with special reports and forecasting solutions.  

🧩 Keep contact with clients up-to-date

It allows contacting your clients on time. You receive notifications when to follow up. Also, you can see it in reports.  

🧩 Structured information in one place     

Correspondence, clients’ requests, and what they want. Arrangements and next steps. As a sales manager, you can’t get lost in the bunch of your clients.  

🧩 Customize according to your business process  

Your sales managers can use customized solutions configured to cover their special sales needs to better interact with customers.  

Why choose Salesforce Sales Cloud as a Sales Automation solution? 

Salesforce Sales Cloud is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform designed to enhance sales processes and improve sales teams’ performance by using implemented features, adds-on, and other automation solutions.   

How can you benefit from Sales Cloud? 

Get more leads  

Sales are for selling. Accelerate the process of generating leads. And close leads effectively.  

Make decisions faster 

Timing is important. Use Sales Cloud as a credible source of knowledge to make fast data-driven solutions.  

Reduce workload and efforts 

Speed is essential. When a lead comes to you, spend this time on sales, not on daily routine sales tasks.  

What are the key Features of Sales Cloud?

We at Routine Automation collected the list of Sales Cloud features from Maria’s experience and our Sales Cloud Consultants’ expertise to recommend to your sales teams. Let’s take a look. 

  • Forecast Management. Conduct accurate and dependable data-driven forecasting, manage both current clients and potential leads, and track customer behavior to help create a more targeted and successful sales approach. 
  • Leads Management. Create a potential customer who has shown interest in buying a company’s services, but may not be fully qualified for buying yet. You can collect the info about leads and convert them into opportunity. 
  • Opportunities Management. Move the opportunity according to the stages when the deal seems to be potential. Monitor how the sales process is going on, customers’ activity and what actions your sales teams need to make next to win. And don’t forget to keep them informed with real-time updates. 
  • Accounts & Contact Management. See the complete view of customers, key contacts which may be several of them, customer communications, and internal account discussions.  
  • Pricebook Automation. A list of products the prospects want to buy with various prices based on each opportunity is automatically fielded in the contract to facilitate sales reps and managers’ workload.   
  • Salesforce CPQ package. Automate the pricing configuration for faster and more accurate quotes. The Contract Renewal add-on enables automation of the process of new contract creation. Billing functionality helps to manage subscriptions and payments and spent less time on manual data input. CPQ Quote Templates by PDF Butler – a custom template to collect data from quotes.  
  • Sales Cloud Einstein. Turn customer data into closed deals with AI. 
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