How Salesforce Field Service Lightning (FSL) Uses AI?

5 min 29.06.2023 Updated: 18.07.2024

How Salesforce FSL Uses AI to Connect Customers, Workforce & Products for On-Site Excellence

The Routine Automation team is absolutely convinced–in the world of CRM, everything revolves around customer data. Without a CRM all data is in a state of uninterrupted chaos. Your sales teams can’t receive accurate information about customers in a timely manner, can’t fully understand the level of satisfaction, and thereby lose them. 

One such CRM system that can assist you is Salesforce–enable your business to achieve maximum success in sales, marketing, and customer service by providing various automation solutions, such as Marketing Cloud to boost marketing activities, Sales Cloud to close deals faster, Experience Cloud to enhance customer experience, Service Cloud to improve customer support operations and other products.

In the world of Salesforce, the solution called Field Service Lightning is responsible for field customer service. FSL enhances scheduling, streamlines resource utilization, and equips your field technicians with up-to-the-minute information. To boost customer service, we recommend implementing AI into your field service.

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How AI Is Set to Transform Field Service

AI, or Artificial Intelligence, in the context of field service, is the utilization process of advanced technologies and algorithms to enhance various aspects of field service operations–scheduling appointments, routing and dispatching field service technicians, managing inventory, and other activities associated with customer on-site services.

AI-powered automation can help businesses unlock unprecedented efficiency and productivity leading to cost savings and heightened customer satisfaction. Besides, with Artificial Intelligence you can expect faster response times, predictive maintenance, intelligent scheduling, and real-time data analysis, enabling you to proactively address issues and optimize operations. In this article, we will explore how AI is reshaping and redefining customer service.  

Artificial intelligence is one of the fast-growing trends in field service among with IoT–The Internet of Things describes the network of “things” embedded with various sensors and computer software to connect and exchange data with devices and systems over the internet–and other technologies that can be used to boost field service operations. What else? Let’s look at other advantages.  

Benefits for Efficiency & Customer Satisfaction–Insights by Routine Automation

As we can see, transforming the field service management landscape, offers numerous benefits that can significantly improve efficiency and customer satisfaction. Check the benefits the Routine Automation team highlights.  

  • Increased First-Time Fix Rates  

Analyze vast amounts of data from various sources to improve first-time fix rates. According to a study by Aberdeen Group, AI-powered field service management can increase first-time fix rates by up to 25%.  

  • Boosted Your Technician Productivity  

Empower your field technicians with real-time access to critical information and remote expert support. A report by Accenture indicates that AI-driven tools can increase field technician productivity by up to 40%.  

  • Better Scheduling & Dispatching   

Examine various factors such as technician skills, location, availability, and customer preferences to automate scheduling and dispatching processes. According to a report by Field Technologies Online, AI-powered field service management solutions can optimize scheduling efficiency by up to 35%. 

  • Improved Customer Experience    

Provide instant and personalized support to customers and enhance their overall experience. Based on Gartner’s study, 70% of customer interactions in field service organizations will involve emerging technologies such as AI-powered chatbots.   

  • Enhanced Predictive Analytics  

Predict equipment failures and identify maintenance needs in advance by analyzing data patterns and performance indicators. A survey by Deloitte found that companies using AI-driven predictive maintenance experienced a 15% reduction in maintenance costs and a 30% decrease in downtime.  

Impressive right? To achieve such results, you probably should find a way suitable for your business needs and challenges.  

How AI Can Evolve Your Customer Service

We see the potential of AI to bring about transformation in field service operations like data-driven insights, intelligent decision-making capabilities, and overall, providing automation. 

🚀 The Way №1 With Intelligent Chatbots and Virtual Assistants 

Our team can implement AI-driven chatbots and virtual assistants to provide instant and personalized customer support. These conversational agents can handle customer queries, provide troubleshooting assistance, guide customers through self-service options, and even schedule service appointments. 

The Result your business got: Enhanced customer experiences, reduced response times, and alleviated the workload on customer support teams.  

🚀 The Way №2 With Remote Assistance and Augmented Reality (AR) 

We can build AI-powered remote assistance tools and AR applications that enable field technicians to connect with remote experts in real-time. Through video calls or AR overlays, technicians can receive guidance, access documentation, and visualize instructions directly on their mobile devices or smart glasses. 

The Result your business got: improved problem-solving efficiency, reduced need for physical visits, and boosted first-time fix rates. 

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🚀 The Way №3 With Intelligent Scheduling and Dispatching 

The RA team can create AI algorithms to optimize scheduling and dispatching processes by considering various factors such as technician availability, location, skills, and customer priorities. 

The Result your business got: streamlined operations, improved response times, and ensured efficient resource utilization. 

🚀 The Way №4 With Predictive Maintenance 

AI-powered algorithms analyze historical data, sensor readings, and equipment performance to predict potential failures or maintenance needs. By identifying patterns and trends, we build an AI solution that can proactively schedule maintenance tasks, order required parts, and prevent costly breakdowns. 

The Result your business got: minimized equipment downtime, optimized resource allocation, and improved overall operational efficiency. 

🚀 The Way №5 With Data Analytics and Insights 

AI algorithms can process and analyze large volumes of data from various sources, including customer feedback, service records, and operational metrics. This enables businesses to gain valuable insights into service performance and identify patterns, trends, and areas for improvement. 

The Result your business got: data-driven decisions, optimized processes, and continually enhanced field service operations. 

At Routine Automation, our main goal is to use Automation as a Salesforce Certified Partner and Consultant to solve customer problems. Using our latest solutions, we aim to improve efficiency and streamline processes, allowing you to automate routine and focus on smart. 

Our philosophy is simple: our priority is to provide exceptional customer service, going above and beyond to your satisfaction. Our experience spans a variety of industries, serving start-ups and enterprises across Europe, the US and the UK. We have a team of over 50 qualified engineers with certifications in Sales and CPQ, Service, Marketing, FSL and more, and have successfully delivered over 250 solutions to customers like you. 

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