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Service Cloud customization for the social media platform provider


The client is a social media platform for interactions in the neighbourhood area and is a leading anti-hate organization. It includes neighbourhoods in a bunch of Germany’s cities.




Our client needed an effective support services solution to improve customer centricity, loyalty program and trustworthy reputation, a fast and effective way to lead customer support processes. According to the business logic and requests, we proposed to use Service Cloud as the solution.

The aim was to let support services processes be managed with point and click. All series of business transactions were provided with automation.

To let ceases to be automatically generated from emails, an email-to-case solution was delivered in order to resolve and track customer issues faster.

Our customer was looking for a solution to connect a telephone with a computer where customers can make conversations with support services staff. CTI, a cloud-based telephone system in Salesforce, was configured.

To collect all customer’s requests automatically from the company’s official website and to generate cases, a web-to-case solution was implemented.



🚀 A fast and convenient way to deliver support services with costs reducing management of all business transactions  

🚀 The customer boosted transparency and centralized data management, allowing remote and fast access to all data

🚀 Call handling time cutting down with customer experience improvement

🚀 Our team continues to provide the customer with support services

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