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Pardot social media and web analytics service integration   


Our client is a global computer software provider based in Germany.




The Client is already using Pardot, and the idea was to manage social media campaigns on Facebook and LinkedIn and to track marketing efficiency metrics through integrated tools and technologies such as Google Analytics.     

Based on the requirements, our team suggested the following:  


Pardot integration with LinkedIn and Facebook through setting up a connector to make posts in Pardot, assigning a specific date and time when posts will be published and measuring metrics such as comments and likes in Facebook and LinkedIn. The client can understand how effective social marketing campaigns are and how many customers they have brought. More about Salesforce integration


Pardot integration with Google Analytics configuration to get a more detailed understanding of a prospect source using UTM campaign parameter and where it comes from by UTM source parameter (social media, google, website etc.) 



🚀 Boosted social marketing campaigns analytics 

It has become easier to proceed with data-driven decisions   

🚀 Costs & Time savings

Time on collection and analysis of metrics has decreased  

Tools & Technologies

Salesforce Marketing Automation, Pardot