Why industry reps should choose Vlocity? 

4 min 03.11.2022 Updated: 16.07.2024

Every industry has its own business specificities. To manage them and cover all needs you should use a special CRM with its set of industry-specific automation solutions. So, have you heard about Vlocity (Salesforce Industries)? The Routine Automation team Vlocity Consultant Alexander shared his expertise in Vlocity implementation.  

🚀 What is Vlocity?

Vlocity is a set of industry-specific Salesforce clouds which provide a large number of tools to automate internal processes and meet your business needs. Nowadays Vlocity is known as Salesforce Industries. It describes the list of Salesforce features, tools, and add-ons for various industries such as Communications, Media & Entertainment, Financial Services, Energy & Utilities, Insurance, Health, Public Sector, and so on. With Salesforce Industries Clients can extend the basic functionality of Salesforce Clouds by adding new modules and interfaces. As a result, from one side Clients close their industry-specific demands and requirements, and from another customize Clints’ business processes.  

🚀 What problems do Clients solve with Salesforce Vlocity?

  • Salesforce Vlocity reduces the implementation time by offering some out-of-the-box industry-specific solutions including pre-built flow and processes.   
  • Clients use Vlocity’s easy-to-use tools and interfaces that help to increase sales teams’ performance. 
  • Customers get a better customer experience provided by guided selling processes.  
  • Vlocity in Salesforce allows doing more with writing less code. 
  • Vlocity, like any other Salesforce cloud, offers out-of-the-box solutions to automate business processes and streamline them for maximal revenue. 

Also, from my point of view, it’s better to notice that some automation is much easier to do with a standard set of Salesforce features than with those offered exclusively by Vlocity. Salesforce Consultants using their expertise and practice have to give recommendations to Clients on what better Salesforce solution to implement covering all Clients’ needs and providing them better interface.   

🚀 What Vlocity features can you highly recommend? 

  • OmniStudio for the majority of clouds is a set of tools for quickly creating automation.   
  • Communications & Media have their own CPQ and Cart solutions.  
  • Industry-specific OOTB components in each of the available industrial clouds.  

🚀 What is Omniscript in Vlocity? 

OmniScript being a part of the Vlocity automation toolset – OmniStudio – is a tool that offers a guided path in a business process for the customer. OmniScripts are very versatile and can be widely customized to solve your business-specific needs. 

🚀 What is Vlocity CPQ?

Vlocity CPQ is a powerful tool to organize your business’s quoting process. It includes the EPC (Enterprise Product Catalogue) – a single source of truth for all the products you’re offering to your customers – and is in charge of the order capture process: starting with configuring a cart and eventually getting an order placed. Vlocity CPQ incorporates many other useful features such as price & discounts management, document generation, and others. 

🚀 Who is a Vlocity Developer?

Vlocity Developer is a person in charge of setting up your Salesforce Industries org by customizing the pre-built solutions; building the new components using both ‘classic’ Salesforce tools like Flows, Apex, Lightning Web Components, and Vlocity-exclusive OmniStudio tools; creating the basic structure of your future product model; and integrating your Salesforce organization with third-party (e.g. billing) systems. 

🚀 How Clients can understand they are talking to Vlocity Expert?  

I consider that, like any other technology, it’s a must-have to give real or at least similar to real examples. For example, previously our Client faced a problem that usual Salesforce functionality couldn’t solve the problem. Here comes Vlocity Salesforce! The other way is when you can both show how to resolve issues configuring standard Salesforce functionality features and Vlocity solutions. It turns out that you as a Salesforce Expert have deep expertise in standard Salesforce technology and in Vlocity.     

Explore the Vlocity case!

Accelerate Sales with Salesforce Vlocity

🚀 Can you give an example of Vlocity implementation?

At Routine Automation we have configured and customized Vlocity Communications Cloud for the Australian telecommunication company to support the rapid growth of customers, and streamline the inner business processes. As a result, the Client has decreased employees’ workload by automating time-consuming daily operations and increased managers’ productivity by redistributing their time and allowing them to concentrate on higher priority tasks instead of daily routine.   

🚀 Tips on how to become a Salesforce Vlocity Specialist  

To become a Salesforce Vlocity specialist, you can start by going through the related trails on the Salesforce Trailheads website. This will give you a basic understanding of how Communications Cloud is built and what are the main tools of the OmniStudio – Vlocity automations’ flagship.

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