The Story of Art & Salesforce  

1 min 19.05.2022 Updated: 16.07.2024

On #International Museum Day, the RA team thought about if a Museum decided to use the #Salesforce platform. 

So, Imagine…🚀

There is a large museum using a soon-to-be-retired legacy system and searching for new software to be implemented to address existing challenges and achieve business goals.  

Portal will be delivered to sell museum tickets. As the result we can see an increase in pre-arrival ticket purchases, thus reducing lines at the museums.   

We suggest configuring Dashboards which allow the museum staff to dynamically explore information and identify trends as well as visualize key performance indicators. Reports are generated automatically are sent on schedule to each department, giving them a real-time view of the work and life of the museum.  

Email templates customization and implementation to allow new visitors receive a Welcome email whatever way the visitor has subscribed to the newsletter giving a personalized approach and improving customer engagement.  

The team offers integrations with social media platforms and other systems to give customers a better experience and thereby increase sales volume.  

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