Routine Automation at Salesforce World Tour 2023 

6 min 18.07.2023 Updated: 16.07.2024

What is Salesforce World Tour? 

Salesforce World Tour is a series of events dedicated to the Salesforce ecosystem to bring partners, customers, trailblazers together for a day to discover innovations, get inspired by conversations, and strengthen partnerships.  

Why should you attend Salesforce World Tour? 

🚀 Joining this event won’t cost you a dime! The Salesforce World Tour extends a warm invitation to all attendees, regardless of whether you’re currently using Salesforce or not, and the best part is—it’s completely free! By attending, you’ll gain valuable insights into the newest Salesforce products, processes, and opportunities, all without spending a penny. 

🚀 Tailored sessions to cater to every industry and role. As the foremost CRM solution, Salesforce caters to a diverse range of industries and encompasses all roles within an organization. Whether you’re involved in marketing, sales, or any other department, you’re guaranteed to discover demos, workshops, and sessions that align perfectly with your current business requirements. In fact, you can start exploring the sessions right away and conveniently filter them based on your role, industry, and preferred Salesforce product. 

🚀 It’s all about networking. At the event, you can meet not only potential customers, but also other Salesforce partners and just users with whom you can exchange information, brainstorm, or just make a new acquaintance. In the future, gathering valuable information and expanding your business network. 

Sounds great? Let’s explore the journey of Routine Automation.  

The 1st Stop: Salesforce World Tour Stockholm 

The first step is always exciting, and our team has been prepared 100% and even more. New partnerships, participation in educational sessions and a lot of positive emotions we’ve got from the event.  

Head of Marketing at Routine Automation, Helena Dzementej 

— Can you give some feedback from the event? 

I am definitely inspired to take our marketing strategies to new heights after attending this event. Gain several tips that’ll work in our favour. Kudos to Salesforce for an exceptional experience. 

Salesforce Architect and Team Lead at Routine Automation, Olga Shishkova 

I loved the vibe of the strong community. The sessions covered a variety of topics, from technical deep dives to strategic discussions.  

The 2nd Stop: Salesforce World Tour Helsinki  

We wanted not only to come around and say “Hi!” to our clients from Finland but also to explore the atmosphere of the second Nordic place for us.    

Director of Strategic Partnerships at Routine Automation, Maria Borakhava  

— What did you like the most?  

— Most of all, I like the opportunity to meet with a client in person, or with a prospect with whom I have been familiar for a long time through some calls, as a result, you can establish a more trusting relationship after the meeting. 

The 3rd Stop: Salesforce World Tour Amsterdam  

Then we moved to Netherlands where Salesforce World Tour was brought to get everyone together.    

Head of Customer Success and Account Management at Routine Automation, Vera Stepanovich 

— What impressed you the most?    

— The event seemed to me both business and relaxation at the same time. Work combination in a great atmosphere. An amazing experience!  

Salesforce Engineer – Viktar Dunayeu 

I appreciate the opportunity to connect with Salesforce engineers from different companies, exchange ideas on their implementation strategies. 

Lead Salesforce Engineer Evgeniy Sukach 

Salesforce really knows how to put on a show. The sessions were groundbreaking and the opportunity to connect with other experts in the field was intresting. 

The 4th Stop: Salesforce World Tour Warsaw  

How could we miss the Salesforce events in our hometown?  The event gathered many decision-makers and experts to meet at the PGE National Stadium Warsaw and discuss how enterprises can reduce costs, promote efficient growth, and exceed their customers’ expectations. 

Lead Salesforce Engineer & Architect – Alexander Huzarevich 

Well, that was insightful. The architecture discussions and deep dives into the latest Salesforce features were refreshing. 

HR generalist – Darya Ascheulova 

I found the Salesforce event an absolute delight. The focus on personal growth and leadership development was fantastic. The sessions were not only educational, but also very engaging. 

The 5th Stop: Salesforce World Tour Hamburg  

Germany was the last but not least – sessions, live demos and lectures by experts and customers, and off course a lot of networking.  

CEO and Founder of Routine Automation, Pavel Klachkou   

The sessions and networking at the event were exceptional. Salesforce’s multi-cloud strategy and innovative approach to data integration were particularly impressive. However, we would like to recommend that future events include a more diverse range of industry use cases in their presentations and more interactive Q&A sessions. Overall, we are grateful for the opportunity to broaden our understanding of Salesforce’s automation offerings. 

The Insights We’ve Got  

📍Honesty is essential! It’s okay not to know everything. Be an honest partner and respect your client. 

📍Caring is a religion. It’s not just about solving client’s problems and blind following. Proactive care is initiative and expertise. 

📍Educate yourself and educate your client. Be helpful and evolve value. 

Our Gratitude to the Organizers  

The Routine Automation team would like to express gratitude for your invaluable contributions to the Salesforce World Tour’s events. To the event organizers, thank you for your meticulous planning, attention to detail, and seamless execution. Your commitment to creating an engaging and memorable experience for all attendees was evident throughout the event, and we are grateful for your tireless efforts. And to the speakers, we extend our sincerest appreciation for sharing your expertise, knowledge, and insights with our audience. Your presentations were thought-provoking, inspiring, and truly captivating. And your contributions undoubtedly left a lasting impact on all those who attended. Once again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We look forward to the possibility of attending Salesforce World Tour events in the future.   

At Routine Automation, our primary objective is to utilize Automation as a Salesforce Certified Partner and Consultant to address customer issues. Through our cutting-edge solutions, we aim to enhance efficiency and streamline processes, enabling you to automate repetitive tasks and concentrate on intelligent decision-making.  

Our approach is straightforward: we prioritize delivering exceptional customer service, surpassing your expectations. With our extensive expertise spanning various industries, we cater to both startups and established companies across Europe, the US, and the UK. Our team comprises over 50 skilled engineers holding certifications in Marketing, Sales & CPQ, Service & FSL, and have successfully implemented over 250 solutions for customers like yourself.    

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