2023: A Year of Growth and Milestones in Routine Automation

9 min 14.12.2023 Updated: 16.07.2024

This year marked an incredible period of transformation and milestones for our company. As we head into 2024, we want to celebrate all that’s been achieved – new partners gained, innovations launched, and most importantly lives made easier through automation. 

Global Recognition and 5-Star Reviews

Our innovative solutions continue garnering accolades internationally. 2023 highlights include: 

5-star Clutch & AppExchange reviews from UK, Texas, German, and Finland-based companies. 

5-star Clutch & AppExchange reviews from UK, Texas, German, and Finland-based companies.
5-star Clutch & AppExchange reviews from UK, Texas, German, and Finland-based companies.
5-star Clutch & AppExchange reviews from UK, Texas, German, and Finland-based companies.
5-star Clutch & AppExchange reviews from UK, Texas, German, and Finland-based companies.
5-star Clutch & AppExchange reviews from UK, Texas, German, and Finland-based companies.

These endorsements validate our commitment to understanding each client’s unique needs & delivering maximum value – the true measure of our success.

Salesforce AI Integration 

This year our company completed various successful projects integrating AI innovation into Salesforce. Here are two standout examples of driving incredible value for clients through Einstein, Service Cloud, and more. 

Revolutionizing Sales Forecasting with Data-Driven AI Analytics on Salesforce Einstein

A leading online retailer leveraged our AI expertise to improve forecast accuracy. We implemented AI Einstein Analytics. Advanced machine learning algorithms generated predictive models, identifying high-value customer segments based on behaviors. These insights allowed strategic, personalized engagement to org operate more efficiently, resulting in quicker data retrievals and streamlined workflows


  • 30% improved forecast accuracy 
  • 40% reduced stockouts 
  • 35% reduced overstocks 

Boosting Customer Support with Salesforce Service Cloud and AI

A leading telecom-s company struggled to manage support tickets. Our team integrated Watson Assistant, training the AI with company data to deliver 24/7 automated assistance. Loan eligibility assessments, password resets, and order tracking were handled seamlessly via chat without agent assistance needed. 


  • Most inquiries resolved automatically by the chatbot 
  • There was an increase in agent productivity 
  • Customer satisfaction scores raised 

As pioneers continually pushing what’s possible with automation, we head eagerly into 2024 to build upon this progress. Our clients motivate us daily to keep improving and solving obstacles through leading-edge Salesforce solutions. We will continue our core focus on understanding unique needs, collaborating closely, and implementing AI that takes performance to new heights

High-Impact Moments from the Salesforce World Tour

Salesforce World Tour 2023 photo of Pavel Klachkou and Maria Borakhava with an Einstein

Our standout achievement was unquestionably through the Salesforce World Tour 2023.

We participated in Salesforce conferences across Stockholm, Helsinki, Amsterdam, Warsaw, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Zurich, Berlin, and Vienna – sharing cutting-edge use cases alongside visionaries like Marc Benioff. 

While the nonstop inspiration could overwhelm, we distilled 3 key revelations to drive results: 

  • Community multiplication – we move faster together. Learning alongside peers and clients worldwide showed the exponential power of shared knowledge
  • The art of possible is expanding exponentially. Groundbreaking innovations like AI and predictive analytics reveal new ways to create effortless customer experiences
  • Insights spark action. Moments that electrified us throughout the Tour are already being channeled into tailored solutions to solve our clients’ biggest obstacles. 

Beyond thought leadership, these events fostered invaluable strategic connections with leading brands across sectors. We built upon existing client relationships while forging partnerships with trailblazers similarly driving progress through technology disruption. The energy and creativity sustaining such vibrant innovation ecosystems gave us unlimited inspiration. We gleaned countless insights into overcoming obstacles on automation journeys while reigniting our passion for enabling digital transformation. Salesforce World Tour 2023 marked not just monumental progress in educating globally – but also the seeds planted for breakthroughs yet to come. 

Salesforce World Tour 2023 photo collage

Employee Spotlights & Company Achievements

Routine Automation team building events

Our team’s 4th-anniversary celebration was a seamless blend of culinary creativity and nautical adventure. We kicked off the festivities at our Warsaw headquarters with a cooking extravaganza that brought us together over sizzling pans and mouthwatering aromas, strengthening our bond through shared gastronomic passions.

Laughter echoed as we chopped, stirred, and savored the fruits of our collective culinary efforts, fostering not only collaboration but a deeper camaraderie. We then navigated uncharted waters during an exhilarating team sailing regatta, symbolizing our commitment to overcoming challenges together. This double celebration left us not only with full bellies but also with strengthened bonds and a shared determination to sail through future successes as one resilient team.. 
Major hiring efforts also allowed us to significantly scale expertise. With 25% team growth, we’re well-equipped to empower more companies through digital transformation. 
Also, we are elated to mark the successful continuation of our thriving two-year partnership with JustOn, as we jointly innovate to deliver cutting-edge financial services solutions on the Salesforce platform! Throughout this journey, we have collaborated on building robust managed packages, now readily available on Salesforce AppExchange, effectively addressing pivotal challenges faced by users in the financial industry. 
Excitingly, our marketing and development teams have recently revealed a new Routine Automation website, embodying our commitment to a user-centric online presence. From an intuitive design to compelling content, our digital home reflects our values and showcases our capabilities. 
In tandem with our collaborative accomplishments and digital enhancements, we’re thrilled to share news of our growing client base. Our combined efforts have resulted in a significant influx of new clients, a testament to the confidence they have in our services and the tangible value we bring to their businesses. We thank these new partners and look forward to achieving more milestones together

Certifications and Learning 

Our team thrives on the excitement of continuous skill development and is always eager to embrace new challenges and expand our knowledge base. Recently, we achieved a milestone by obtaining 2 AI Associate, Cloud Consultant, Platform Developer and many more certificates on Trailhead by Salesforce, showcasing our commitment to staying at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies. This accomplishment not only reflects our team’s enthusiasm for learning but also positions us as proficient contributors in the dynamic landscape of artificial intelligence within the Salesforce ecosystem. 

A cartoon Astro holding a box with a blue cape, representing Salesforce CRM

“We are working with an architect and a couple of developers. They have enough knowledge of the products we use, and we get fast responses to big and small tasks without waiting for a specialist resource.” – Satu Portimojärvi, our client 

In addition to our passion for continuous learning, our team prides itself on sharing knowledge and fostering growth within the community. Recently, our Lead Salesforce Engineer, Eugene, took center stage at the Cotswolds Community Group event. With enthusiasm and expertise, Eugene shared best practices related to efficiently releasing custom functionality into the Salesforce production environment. His insightful presentation not only demonstrated our commitment to staying at the forefront of industry standards but also our dedication to empowering others in the Salesforce ecosystem. As advocates of knowledge sharing, we take great pleasure in contributing to the collective growth of our community. 

Dive into the Laughter: A Bounty of Hilarious Memes! 

Our collection has expanded, and we’ve gathered a lot of memes to add a touch of humor and levity to your day. Get ready to chuckle as we share a delightful assortment that’s sure to brighten your mood! 

Salesforce meme
Salesforce meme
Salesforce meme

Future Outlook and Community Engagement

As we reflect on learnings from this incredible year, we head excitedly into 2024 more committed than ever to empowering businesses through automation. The Salesforce World Tour offered a glimpse into what’s possible by bringing together community, innovation, and purpose. We can’t wait to apply these forward-focused insights alongside you, our trusted partners! Let’s build an iconic year ahead. 

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