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Boosting Customer Support with Salesforce Service Cloud and AI


A large IT & Telecom-s company, headquartered 
in the USA.


IT Telecommunications


The client’s rapid growth led to a surge in customer inquiries, straining their support center. With rising costs above average revenue growth, our client needed to adjust support processes. Based on the client’s needs, we offered transitioning from manual case handling to a hybrid model, enabling self-service tools while retaining live chat support for complex issues. Also, we provided Omni-Channel Skill-Based case assignment, Escalation Rules configuration, organization of the structure and development of custom UI interface with Lightning Web Components (LWC), IBM Watson & ChatGPT Integration.

Service Cloud Enhancement: RA engineers implemented Omni-Channel Skill-Based Case Assignment, an advanced routing system that directed customer inquiries to the most qualified agents, resulting in quicker and more precise resolutions. We also configured Escalation Rules to identify and promptly address stagnant or time-sensitive cases, effectively preventing potential SLA breaches and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Experience Cloud and Knowledge Base Optimization: RA Salesforce developer structured a user-friendly Knowledge Base within the Experience Cloud. This organized hierarchy, featuring categories like ‘FAQs’, ‘Technical Troubleshooting’, ‘Billing’, and more, simplified customer access to relevant solutions. We also created a custom UI using Lightning Web Components (LWC), aligning it seamlessly with ‘Under the NDA’s’ brand for an intuitive user experience.

Advanced AI Integration: Our team seamlessly integrated IBM Watson for NLP and NLU with Salesforce, enhancing our client’s understanding of customer interactions and enabling personalized chatbot responses. We also incorporated ChatGPT into the chatbot framework, improving live chat interactions.

Our Approach: RA’s distinctive approach is rooted in a deep understanding of ‘Under the NDA’s’ unique needs and challenges. Through ongoing collaboration and meticulous attention to detail, we tailored solutions for optimal efficiency and customer satisfaction.



🚀 Enhanced Support Process
Our team’s Service Cloud implementation led to a faster case resolution rate, greatly benefiting our client.

🚀 Seamless AI Integration
With Routine Automation team’s integration of IBM Watson and ChatGPT, the chatbot handled all customer interactions. This diversion of significant traffic away from human agents not only improved customer service, but also reduced costs for our client.

🚀 Empowered Self-Help
The intuitive knowledge base design, implemented by our team, resulted in a reduction in direct customer queries, improving the self-service experience for our client’s customers.

Tools & Technologies

Salesforce Service Cloud: Omni-Channel & Escalation Rules, Experience Cloud: Structure & Custom UI
Advanced AI: IBM Watson & ChatGPT Integration