Top 4 Solutions from Salesforce Consultants Practice to Close More Deals

3 min 25.05.2022 Updated: 16.07.2024

We asked the Routine Automation consultants whether they can share some robust solutions from their practice. Let’s take a close look at what we have gotten!

A solution from Sales Cloud Specialist – Pipeline & Forecast Management  

With countless capabilities, Sales Cloud helps increase company success by allowing sales teams to conduct accurate and dependable data-driven forecasting, manage both current clients and potential leads, and track customer behavior to help create a more targeted and successful sales approach.  

Sales Cloud Forecast Management gives the answers to the next questions: 

  • How has the forecast changed? 
  • What is the best scenario? What is the worst scenario? 
  • How do I design a sales forecasting plan?  
  • How do CRM systems forecast revenue? 
  • What tools to use to forecast sales revenue? 

“It helps sales teams predict both short-term and long-term performance to make informed business decisions and to plan in line with comprehensive forecasting based on KPIs. The real-time view of forecasts allows making adjustments at right time” reveals the Routine Automation Sales Cloud expert.  

A solution from Marketing Cloud Specialist – Personalized Marketing Journeys with Journey Builder  

Journey Builder in Marketing Cloud allows for building personalised and targeted journeys of customers. The functionality allows to set and maintain automated journey logic to better engage with customers and unite and connect every department to increase satisfaction.   

The Routine Automation Marketing Cloud expert says that “Journey Builder allows reducing the number of manual steps for lead nurture and automate multi-channel campaign management”. Understanding what customers want and how it will impact brand awareness and loyalty thus affects sales and revenue.    

A solution from Marketing Cloud & Pardot Specialist – Engagement Program from Pardot 

An engagement program is a feature that helps to automate multi-step customer journeys. “This tool helps to nurture leads according to your needs use the tool to build a workflow for customers on each step of the lead process the flow may contain multiple steps that can be whether executed or not based on lead activities”. Some examples for better understanding: create a welcome journey and send an email to the target audience, if the email is not opened in several days, you can send a follow-up email; once the prospect submits a form and requests an appropriate service you can add that prospect to an appropriate campaign and use it for future marketing sendings. The client does not need to manually monitor the status of the lead, because the Engagement Program can do it.  

These tools can help to find the answers to the next questions:  

  • Do I understand customers’ behavior? 
  • Do I prepare for changing preferences? 
  • Can I anticipate changes in customer behavior? 
  • How can CRM help to seamless communicate across every marketing channel? 
  • What tool can help to improve lead nurturing? 

A solution from Experience Cloud Specialist – Customer Site from Experience Cloud  

An Experience Cloud Site is a good solution both for customer support and sales. No wonder our expert recommends this solution. “There is no need to build a site from scratch, a domain is immediately provided for the location of the site, and you can make a public site where you don’t need to log in without buying additional licenses. Customer site allows you to create as many sites as you need customizing and branding, which certainly reduces development time and cost. A wide range of site administration, in many cases you do not need to be a developer to do something using the standard functionality. Of course, if there are more complex tasks, then you can customize the site. By default, you can file components such as knowledge articles, chat, web form to create a case, and a navigation menu on the site”. Doing so boosts loyalty and customer experience.  

Experience Cloud Customer Site addresses the next challenges:   

  • Do my customers get support services on a high level? 
  • How can I get the feedback? Can I create a survey and post it on-site?  
  • Do my CRM close cases fast and effectively? 
  • How do efficiently set up and use automation?  

Find out more about solutions to upgrade your business in our blog. And get in touch with our experts to implement solutions.  

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