Unlocking the Power of Manufacturing Cloud via Salesforce

5 min 14.09.2023 Updated: 18.07.2024

Don’t you want to be left out of AI technologies in 2023? Embrace Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud, a specialized app created to transform industrial processes.

The Routine Automation team of manufacturing technology professionals will take you through the features and advantages of the Manufacturing Cloud in this comprehensive tutorial. We’ll look at how the platform that our team set up can help your company by enhancing the customer experience, optimizing procedures, and offering predictive insights.

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Systems Connection

A major advantage of the Manufacturing Cloud is unifying front- and back-office systems on a single platform. It seamlessly integrates sales, service, marketing, pricing, order management, logistics, and more through automated workflows instead of disparate solutions. 

This consolidated environment delivers a single source of truth. Teams access the same real-time customer, product, supply chain, and operational data instead of switching between siloed systems. Workflows auto-trigger the next process steps across departments for faster cycle times. 

With a holistic view of information, manufacturers can make better decisions faster. As Salesforce manufacturing specialists, we can help interconnect your existing infrastructure for maximum visibility and efficiency. 

Unified Data Analytics

Comprehensive analytics in the Manufacturing Cloud transform disjointed data into strategic, actionable insights. All aspects of the business, including the supply chain, inventory, quality, manufacturing, maintenance, logistics, and customer contacts, are fully visible thanks to embedded interactive dashboards

Easily identify optimization opportunities across the value chain based on insights. Spot production inefficiencies, quality issues, emerging demand trends, micro-segment customers for targeted marketing campaigns, and more. 

To better correctly simulate demand, predictive forecasting technologies you can use historical trends, external signals including market circumstances, competition information, and machine learning algorithms. This makes planning ahead possible. 

Our engineers may modify dashboards and analytics to match your particular KPIs. Your teams will make informed, data-driven decisions and improve performance with the appropriate data insights tailored to your business. 

Deliver Omnichannel Customer Experiences

Manufacturing Cloud empowers manufacturers to optimize customer experiences pre- and post-sales: 
⚡️360-Degree Customer Profiles: Unite data from all channels to create comprehensive profiles for both retail and commercial customers. As a result, interactions can be highly personalized and based on past purchases, interests, demographics, and other factors. 
Real-Time Insights for Agents: Give your sales and support teams access to real-time analytics, so they can deliver individualized experiences that foster long-lasting client relationships. 
AI-Powered Support: Harness the power of AI-driven chatbots and self-service portals to swiftly handle routine inquiries from buyers and partners, enhancing overall satisfaction and freeing up agent time for complex issues. 
Take Advantage of integrated systems to gain insightful customer information, generate better products, pricing plans, and create targeted marketing campaigns. 

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Boost Collaboration

Manufacturing Cloud’s Forecast Management tools facilitate cross-functional collaboration for improved demand planning. Stakeholders in your team, like account managers, partners, and regional directors, can adjust forecasts while tracking changes in one source of truth. 

Users can configure unique forecasting models tailored to business units. Set calculation frequencies and rollover periods to meet specific needs. Access is controlled at group and user levels to ensure appropriate visibility. 

With better visibility into upcoming demand across the value chain, production, inventory, and operations teams can align plans and optimize resource allocations. Our experts recommend taking a collaborative approach – bring together stakeholders from demand planning, supply chain, sales, and finance to determine the right forecasting structure and metrics for your business. 

Streamline Revenue Management

Manufacturing Cloud streamlines pricing, rebate management, and revenue recognition processes: 
🚀 Automated pricing workflows incorporate customized discounts, rebates, promotions, and complex rulesets tailored to your specific customers, regions, and products. 
🚀 AI-driven price optimization helps maximize margins across fluctuating market conditions and supply costs. Historical data trains pricing algorithms. 
🚀 Contract management centralizes tracking and amendments to sales agreements from creation through renewals. 
🚀 Revenue recognition is automated as orders progress through production, quality testing, delivery, and installment milestones. 
🚀 Partners collaborate on rebate programs and payouts
With optimized pricing and visible revenue, manufacturers improve profitability. The RA experts can configure these capabilities to meet your operational needs. 

Optimize Pricing with Automated Workflows

Leverage Manufacturing Cloud’s automated pricing tools to apply customized pricing across regions, products, and customer tiers. Easily incorporate discounts, rebates, and complex rulesets into workflows to maximize profitability.  

AI-driven optimization helps boost margins based on supply costs and competitive factors. Teams gain pricing agility without manual effort.

Configure pricing workflows by product line, market segment, distribution channel, and other attributes. Our specialists advise mapping out your pricing processes first — document pricing roles, rules, and procedures. This understanding allows us to tailor and connect automated pricing to your sales processes. 

Let’s improve Inventory

A unified view of supply chain data in the Manufacturing Cloud provides the visibility needed to optimize inventory planning. Integrated order, shipment, and logistics workflows connect planning with real-time production and demand signals. 

Inventory analytics dashboards deliver key metrics like days of supply, historical trends, and benchmarks. Drill into product-level detail. Spot excess stocks, shortages, and anomalies as they arise. 

With real-time visibility into material requirements from suppliers, inventory teams can coordinate just-in-time decisions rather than relying on static forecasts. Procurement can track purchase orders and lead times. Production can monitor raw material stock and adjust schedules to minimize waste. 

Our supply chain experts recommend first analyzing historical data to identify improvement areas. Define optimal inventory targets by product line based on demand variability, shelf life, and profit margin impact. Standardize analytics across business units for consistency. 

Next, map out your end-to-end value chain – document process connections, data dependencies, and material flows. This allows us to customize workflows and analytics for true integration. Actively engage cross-functional teams in deployment and change management to maximize adoption. 

With the Manufacturing Cloud, you gain the power to cost-effectively meet demand while minimizing excess inventory. Let us help you optimize supply chain visibility, coordination, and agility at scale. 

Accelerate Innovation

As a Salesforce manufacturing expert, our team offers strategic advice catered to your particular procedures, difficulties, and goals: 
🧩 Examine workflows to find potential for automation, visibility, and analytics. 
🧩 Create a cohesive atmosphere by connecting systems. 
🧩 Use AI tools like Einstein Analytics to find insights on optimization. 
🧩 Configure interactive dashboards according to your KPIs. 
🧩 As your needs change, continually improve your solutions to maximize value. 
🧩 Create training programs and a change management strategy to achieve user uptake. 

We assist you in transforming operations with Salesforce’s purpose-built manufacturing solution thanks to our demonstrated expertise in maximizing Manufacturing Cloud across sectors. To find out how we can speed up your digital transformation projects, get in touch with us. 

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