No More Pardot: Salesforce Launches Rebranding

3 min 07.04.2022 Updated: 16.07.2024

Have you already noticed changes on the Salesforce website? While searching the info, I’ve seen the new tab called Account Engagement. What does it mean? And where is Pardot? Let’s figure it out! 

No More Pardot And… 

Salesforce World Tour has announced a Marketing Cloud rebranding strategy, delivering us a new vision and vocabulary.  

  • Pardot is not the only one who has been underlined to be renamed. Here are some Marketing Cloud solutions with a new vision: 
  • Pardot is becoming Marketing Cloud Account Engagement  
  • Marketing Cloud Interaction Studio – Marketing Cloud Personalization  
  • Marketing Cloud Email Studio – Marketing Cloud Engage  
  • Marketing Cloud Advertising Studio – Marketing Cloud Advertising  Datorama – Marketing Cloud Intelligence  
  • Salesforce CDP – Marketing Cloud Customer Data Platform and more  
a screen of Salesforce website page about Marketing Cloud Account Engagement
Marketing Cloud Account Engagement instead of Pardot

Why it’s changing? 

Let’s back to the times of Dreamforce’21 when we heard about Salesforce “Easy” for the first time: “Ease of use improvements starting with ease of install, setup, configuration and implementation”. In addition, “What the Next-Gen Marketing Cloud (and Naming) means for you” tells us the company is evolving new solutions to stay closer with clients and concentrate more on the full experience. How we can see Pardot has no exception and from now will stick to the new product vision with three values at the core: Easy, Unified and Flexible.    

It makes us think that Salesforce wants to facilitate how we talk about the products across different Salesforce solutions, make it more about customers and speak their language. Salesforce thereby recognizes that the vocabulary and the names of various products that they managed to purchase led to confusion among users. We remember and use Vlocity because we got used to it, but otherwise “to call a spade a spade” works in the marketing way.   

When will we see changes? 

Already you can find some name changes on the official website and social media platforms. Next updates will begin through sales and marketing communications, the products, Help and Training, Customer Success, Support, and external certifications.  

What we completely know is that there are no immediate changes to login access, URLs, or product infrastructure despite the products’ name changes.  

What will it bring in the future? 

Actually, time will reveal. But we definitely see “with the naked eye” that Pardot will be returned to the Marketing Cloud family to enrich the sales and marketing goals better. And of course, finally, remove the problem of pronunciation or non-pronunciation of the “t” letter from the Salesforce product’s agenda.  

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