4 Questions about Salesforce Marketing Cloud

2 min 19.07.2022 Updated: 16.07.2024

We asked 4 frequent questions to the Marketing Cloud Consultant from the Routine Automation team about how SF Marketing Cloud works & what benefits this tool brings.     

1 What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud? 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud was founded as Exact Target as a B2C solution which also can be used as a B2B. Marketing Cloud provides comprehensive solutions with the following features: Email Management, Cross-channel Marketing, Salesforce CRM Integration, Analytics, Einstein Recommendation & etc. And also, can be used as an independent one. 

2 How to use Marketing Cloud in Salesforce? 

Use Marketing Cloud to communicate with your customers. Use the right channel like email, push, SMS/MMS and send personalized messages at the right time. Use multiple channels and build multi-step campaigns using Journey builder. Include Sales and Service Cloud (Salesforce CRM) data in digital marketing and use Marketing Cloud tools directly within Sales or Service Clouds using Marketing Cloud Connect. Track customer engagement and analyse data using Analytics Builder and Datorama reports.

3 How to use data extension in Salesforce Marketing Cloud? 

Use data extensions to target the right customers. Create Data Extensions from Templates and clone previously created Data Extensions. Use filters to build data extensions based on a master data source using drag-and-drop functionality. Create complex filters using SQL queries. Run filters and SQL queries in Automation program on a scheduled basis. Upload data to Data Extensions from external files within FTP servers and use external sources with sass scripts. 

4 How to use a landing page in Salesforce Marketing Cloud? 

Use Web Studio and Cloud Pages to manage Landing pages and microsites. Marketing Cloud allows to create, edit and publish Cloud Pages and includes different types of assets. Create HTML-capable Cloud Pages and use a drag-and-drop builder to easily manage content. Add forms and store data to lists and data extensions using the Smart Capture block. Design and preview content in the format your audience sees. 

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