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Enhance customer experience with Service Cloud & Einstein Solutions


The client is a German leasing company for bicycles and ebikes.  




The client asked for a solution to provide omnichannel customer support. To integrate it with in-house software to get information about customers.  Another request was handling partner onboarding to get more property providers included inside the search database and manage partner contracts and commission rules. Based on the business requirements, the RA team offered Service Cloud implementation with Einstein solutions.    

🚩 The aim was to meet all customer needs by using multiple channels and seamlessly connecting with support staff in real-time to provide best-in-class customer support. Omni-channel to manage as many communication channels as the client wants has been implemented. It allows to route cases to appropriate agents based on complex pre-set conditions.
🚩 Then the RA team configured Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) to receive customers’ requests via phone and the email-to-case solution to receive requests via emails. After an email is sent a case has been automatically created.
🚩 To improve customers’ post-purchase experience, the RA team has configured a Case Management solution to let customers contact a support center and be tracked as a case. Additionally, the team has provided email-to-case when an email is sent and then a case is automatically created.
🚩To reduce costs for support services the RA team suggested implementing Knowledge Base. It encouraged customers to search for the required information by themselves to solve their issues and find answers to their questions by using inner articles. 

🚩The RA team has implemented Einstein solutions to make customer support services smarter. Einstein Article Recommendations solution to allow customers to speed up the search and solve the problem more efficiently has been developed. Articles helping to close customers’ questions are displayed, where people can also choose whether the article is suitable or not suitable and rate the best help on decisions. Case Classification trains the client’s AI model by learning how support agents set field values on cases in the past. Then the model can recommend field values for new cases. Einstein Bots solution to free up some agents and provide customers with answers to trivial questions.



🚀 Enhanced customer experience   

Customer experience improvement providing different customer purchase channels 

🚀 Improved customer support

The customer has tracked and resolved cases in a fast and effective way 

🚀 Boosted content strategy

Relevant content enhancement engaged prospects and converted them into customers 

🚀 Workload optimization & loyalty improvement

Reduced workload and increased customer satisfaction to scale business strategy 

Tools & Technologies

Salesforce Service Cloud: Chatbot, CTI, Call Center, Case Management, Knowledge Base, Einstein AI