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Track the UTM campaigns and schedule the day and time of posting with Pardot Google Analytics & LinkedIn Connectors


The client is a software development company headquartered in the US.




Our client desired to implement a solution to better understand the aspects of how inbound leads are generated especially when hot marketing campaigns would be held such as on Black Friday. 

Based on the requirements, the RA development team suggested the following:  

Setting up the Pardot Google Analytics connector to track the UTM campaign and source parameters in Pardot. The client can see from which campaign and source the lead has come, manage audience segmentation by the campaign (once the campaign is Black Friday, we added prospects in a static list using the automation rule) and sent an email on a specific date to an audience. Also, we used UTM hidden fields on forms.
🚩 To connect Pardot with LinkedIn the Routine Automation team has developed the Pardot LinkedIn Connector to schedule the day and time of posting. Now all social activities can be managed and checked.    



🚀 Marketing campaign’s analytical part improvement

Increased quality of data-driven decisions.   

🚀 Social media marketing strategy enhancement

Time-saving by focusing on more important tasks.  

Tools & Technologies

Salesforce Pardot Google Analytics Connector, Pardot LinkedIn Connector