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Optimize email nurture campaigns’ efficiency with Marketing Cloud configuration


The client is clinical advocacy that provides industry-leading solutions for helping individuals and families navigate the ever-complex healthcare system. 




Our client required the support of Marketing Cloud instance, its configuration and design which was connected to Salesforce org, thereby providing with enhancement and maintenance of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. 

Based on the client’s requirements, our team suggested the following:
🚩 Email Templates have been designed to customize and personalize emails for subscribers, and email designs within ExactTarget using AMPscript. 

🚩Journey Builder has been delivered to nurture email campaigns – send targeted emails to prospects and engage with them improving communications.
🚩 Configuration and maintenance of Triggered Sends to send triggered emails – messages that Marketing Cloud sends to an individual subscriber in response to a subscriber action.  



🚀 Boosted email marketing strategy

The client has got optimized email templates to improve email nurture campaigns’ efficiency 

🚀 Time & costs savings by automating marketing workflow

The team has accelerated marketing department work and optimized the company’s budget 

Tools & Technologies

Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Email Templates, Journey Builder, Triggered Sends