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Boost filed service and improve customer service KPIs with Service Cloud & Field Service Lightning


The client provides 3D-printed Invisible Braces, produced under the highest quality standards across Asia and operates in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam.




Our client asked for a solution to provide best-in-class customer support using different channels like web, phone, email, social networks and others, integrating it with in-house software to get operational information about customers. The Routine Automation team suggested configuring Service Cloud implementation and integration. 

🚩 The client is an international company, and the problem was to adjust all processes for each region since each country has its own business process regulations. The RA team has delivered Service Cloud Implementation from scratch.   

🚩 To take loyalty and customer experience to a new level  Omni-channel technology as a multichannel customer support approach has been delivered.    

🚩 Using a process builder, the RA team has built Scheduled Actions in the company’s business flow, which allows Salesforce to create a flow interview record and pause it until the scheduled time occurs. With scheduled actions, the client can manage how many times, through which channel and at what time managers should get in touch with a prospect and customer through optimizing the customer support and communication.    

🚩 To reach customers and resolve their cases with the usage of messengers, our experts have configured an integration between Salesforce and messengers such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsUp, Wechat, etc. 

🚩The RA team has provided implementation and internal customization of the Field Service Lightning package to improve filed services. To get and see service orders and update them accordingly, engineers have configured the Field Service Lightning Mobile Application on employees’ mobile phones. 



🚀 Customer support strategy enhancement 
Now customers can receive best-in-class support services via different channels to better satisfy customers.
🚀 Boosted field service  
The client has started to use a field service solution by Salesforce and admitted that it became easier and faster to track and manage field service. 
🚀 Increased employees’ performance
With scheduled actions solution managers can facilitate customer service planning and organizing, and concentrate more on providing quality customer service.    
🚀 Improved customer service KPIs by 17,2%
That’s what Analytics shows.

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