Top Salesforce Summer’23 Release Features

4 min 02.06.2023 Updated: 16.07.2024

It’s time to say “Hi!” for the summer that has already come! The RA team wants to share our list of the Top Salesforce Summer’23 Release features for Users and Developers. Let’s get started!  

The Updates for Users

🚀 No longer create new Process Builder  

Bye-bye, process builder. Now you can no longer create new process builders, as well as clone an existing process builder as a new process. But still, you can activate or deactivate it, and edit it if there will be a need.

🚀 Dynamic forms for Mobile users  

Historically, Dynamic Forms was exclusively accessible on desktop devices. Now you can dynamically display and conceal fields and field sections, all based on criteria that you define. Mobile users can also benefit from Dynamic Forms, as it is now supported on accounts, cases, contacts, leads, opportunities, and custom objects. It’s worth noting that this feature is currently in its beta phase for mobile. As a result, mobile users can have a better user experience and boost productivity via mobile.  

🚀 Enhance Visualizations with Images, Rich Text, and Dashboard Widgets 

A simple change we say – the ability to add rich text fields and images to dashboards. Still, you have engaging and informative dashboards to increase user adoption and thus accelerate decision-making. 

🚀 Mass Quick Actions on Related Lists 

Now users have the convenience of creating related records directly from the list page, eliminating the need to navigate away. Alternatively, they can select a maximum of 100 records from the related list and effortlessly perform mass updates, saving time compared to updating records individually. Moreover, the related list incorporates the quick actions you have added, allowing users to conveniently apply these actions to the selected records. The update is available in Beta.  

🚀 Schedule a Knowledge Article to Publish at a Specific Time 

Authors and managers responsible for informational articles can now publish them at an interval of 15 minutes, allowing you to more accurately orient communication. The feature turns out to be especially useful in scenarios where specific announcements must exactly match events. If you are launching an app, you can choose a publication time that coincides with the exact moment the app was launched. Previously, the publication of knowledge articles could only be scheduled for certain dates, limiting the ability to synchronize content with real-time events. 

The Updates for Developers

💥 Access Labels in Apex Dynamically 

With the advanced feature, you can dynamically resolve label names at runtime, offering the ability to override the user’s current language with a translated version available for the desired language. Previously, extracting labels required prior knowledge of the label API name at compile time. 

💥 Query Five Levels of Parent-to-Child Relationships in SOQL Queries 

SOQL has been extended to support relationship queries that can span up to five levels of parent-child records. With one such query, extract parent and child records from five different levels. Also note that this feature is currently available for SOQL queries executed using REST and SOAP query calls for both standard and custom objects. 

💥 Update the Screen in Real-Time using Formulas (Beta) 

Configure the on-screen component to perform calculations of formulas and logic in real time using the available functions. Thus, whenever the thread detects a change in any of the formula values, it immediately recalculates and updates the corresponding value of the screen component to ensure that your screen component stays up to date with the latest changes and dynamically reflects the recalculated results. 

💥 Search and Display Data Table Results in Screen Flows 

Users can search and filter the results of a record in a data table and thus provide a more efficient way to navigate through large datasets. The search function retrieves the original 1500 items, while the initial display shows 200 entries. As users view the results, additional records are uploaded gradually in batches of 100, providing an unobstructed viewing. In addition, the search results contain information about the number of items currently displayed and the total number of items found, which allows users to easily track their progress and evaluate the scale of the results.  

💥 Develop Offline-Ready LWCs with the LWC Offline Test Harness 

The LWC Offline Test Harness is a compact testing and debugging application. The solution is designed to empower developers in their iterative development, testing, and debugging processes for Lightning web components. The app greatly expedites the interactive development lifecycle, enabling developers to rapidly and easily test incremental enhancements and address issues in their mobile LWCs.   

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