Top 7 Features from Salesforce Winter’23 Release   

2 min 07.10.2022 Updated: 16.07.2024

The Routine Automation team highlighted the key features and updates from the Salesforce Winter’23 Release. Check it out!

Clone Lightning Apps

This new feature can help you to clone apps by creating a custom Lightning app based on an existing custom app. The clone lightning apps feature in a beta version.  

Dynamic Forms for standard objects

With dynamic forms, you can improve more object record pages. Now dynamic forms for standard objects will be available for Accounts, Contacts, Person Accounts, and Opportunities.  

Sales Cloud for Slack

Sales Cloud for Slack is generally available. This app helps you see, share and update accounts, contacts, leads, and opportunities. 

Manage and extend Account Engagement (Pardot)

Now in Account Engagement (formerly Pardot), you can sync all prospects with one click.   

New updates in the dynamic-related list filters allow you to select multiple filter values for picklist fields. Previously, you could only filter by one value.  

New in Flow

Can you imagine the new release without flow updates? Now you can easily cut and paste flow elements changing the order of flow elements in auto-layout. Also, you can use formula builder in flow resources and collection filter elements. Use a boosted formula builder in Flow formula-type resources. And more flow enhancements such as selecting multiple records from a table in a flow screen, building record-triggered flows for updating related records, etc. You can find all updates in the flow builder here.  

New in Salesforce Einstein

Winter’23 Release presented us with the new Einstein solution – Interactive Einstein Search Answers. The technology is a pilot version. Now agents can quickly take action to extract the most relevant information from knowledge articles. As a result, agents can copy the three-line-returned answer and its link to share it without leaving a page. Einstein Search for Knowledge feature is generally available. Now agents can quickly find relevant articles and more accurately respond to customers.  

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