Top 5 Summer’22 Release Features From Salesforce Expert  

4 min 23.05.2022 Updated: 18.07.2024

Are you waiting for the new Salesforce Release? The Summer edition is about to be released on June 12. Our Salesforce Expert has selected the top 5 features and updates from the upcoming release. You can find all upgrades in Release Notes of the summer release edition.     

The updates are aimed at simplifying and facilitating the use and configuration of Salesforce by user experience enhancement. Let’s see what else can give the enhancements from the new release.  

Feature №1: Custom Address Field (Beta) 

Address as a custom field will be available but as a Beta Service. Before using the feature, you probably should look through the requirements and limitations of the custom address field. For example, address as a custom field uses State and Country picklists. By default, all countries, territories, states and provinces are visible to users. You need to configure State and Territory picklists first, to be able to use the new field.  

Key benefits: In the Salesforce system, there is now only a standard field address, this is a composite field that contains information such as country, street, zip code, latitude, and longitude in one readable form, and it was not possible to make the same custom one, only separately create fields for country, code, streets, cities, etc. You can create fields for the country, code, street, city, etc. only separately. 

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Salesforce starting from Dynamic Forms, Actions and Interactions finally has added Related Lists. Now there is an ability to create custom-related lists. Filter the lists to display only when the particular criteria are met.  

Key benefits: Clients periodically had requests to show not the entire list of related records, but only according to a certain criterion, for example, to show open cases on the account separately and only closed cases separately. I had to install additional packages from AppExchange and configure it, in general, there was no native feature.  

Feature №3: Bulk Manage Picklist Values (Beta) 

Before one picklist can be modified at a time. Now at once delete, activate, deactivate, or replace multiple custom picklist field values. In Advanced Picklist Values Management select multiple values and use the necessary button in the Values and Inactive Values sections. But remember the feature is available only for custom picklists with predefined values. 

Key benefits: It’s more convenient for admins, previously it was necessary to poke one line at a time to delete or deactivate, and soon it will be possible to delete/deactivate a lot at once.  

Feature №4: Enable Person Accounts Without Contacting Salesforce Support 

There will be no need to contact Salesforce Support to enable Person Accounts. Now store information about a person in a record that can act as an account when necessary. But one’s pay attention. Person accounts can’t be disabled. You can turn on person accounts after you complete all the required steps.  

Key benefits: To activate a personal account, it was necessary to write to Salesforce support, and this required some waiting time, now we can do it quickly ourselves. 

Salesforce Einstein Symbol is in the dark blue rocket on the white and blue background

Feature №5: Enable Third-Party Integrations with Light DOM  

It becomes easier to apply custom branding to your components. With Light DOM third-party tools traverse the DOM enabling standard browser query APIs. All of this without traversing the shadow root. The component markup is attached to the host element instead of its shadow tree. Pay attention that Salesforce does not recommend using this feature while working with sensitive data. 

Key benefits: Now it will be easier to work with LWC using third-party libraries. 

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