Top 5 Features From Salesforce Spring’23 Release

2 min 09.02.2023 Updated: 16.07.2024

The Salesforce Spring’23 Release is almost here! Have you seen it yet? It’s the last week of release. So, which feature do you believe performs best? The Routine Automation Salesforce developers share some thoughts about features and adds-on from the upcoming release they really keen on.  

These updates are aimed at simplifying the use and configuration of Salesforce. Let’s find out what improvements from the new release you can get.    

🚀Feature №1: DevOps Center

Replacement of ChangeSets – quite inconvenient tools during migration. Now there is integration with version control systems and automatic tracking of changes. You can manage and release changes using Salesforce DevOps Center. New features and capabilities for DevOps Center have been added to Lightning Experience. What is your opinion on DevOps Center? Will it live up?  

🚀Feature №2: Dynamic Actions for Standard Objects

Dynamic Actions Enhancement, expansion of the Dynamic Actions functionality. The update is useful because it allows you to apply these same actions now on all at least std objects, and not just on three or four. Well, the actions themselves simplify life in cases where the set of actions available to the user on the same page should be different in different situations. Dynamic Actions for Standard Objects are generally available (previously only available for Account, Case, Contact, Lead, and Opportunity for desktop).  

🚀Feature №3: Convert Process to Flows with the Migrate to Flow Tool

Before you could only migrate Workflow Rules. Now there is the ability to migrate Process Builder to Flow via the assistant. The innovation will simplify the process of transferring Process Builder to Flow rails, especially for those organizations where a large number of processes are used. Now you don’t have to manually create similar flows.   

🚀Feature №4: Bring External Data into Flow Without Code

Now you can automate processes with external data by creating flow builder actions. It calls web-based service APIs using HTTP Callout. Find this feature in Lightning Experience. The solution is in the Beta version. 

🚀Feature №5: Use the System.enqueueJob Method to Specify a Delay in Scheduling Queueable Jobs

A much simpler and more convenient alternative to a scheduler when you need to execute code with a delay. This change applies to Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic.

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