The Future of Salesforce and Industry Trends in 2024

11 min 21.12.2023 Updated: 15.07.2024

Salesforce is the world’s leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform, empowering companies like yours to connect with customers in new and innovative ways. At Routine Automation, a leading Salesforce development partner, our CEO, Salesforce Architect Pavel Klachkou, stays on top of the latest Salesforce features to help you future-proof your customer engagement

  • Hyper-Personalization. With data analytics and AI capabilities like predictive lead scoring, Salesforce enables deep personalization across sales and marketing.  
  • Voice-Activated CRM. Our experts can incorporate innovations like Einstein Voice Assistant to simplify data access through conversational speech interfaces and enable more intuitive customer interactions.
  • Sustainability. We implement sustainability solutions and optimized workflows across your organization to reduce environmental impact and track ESG metrics. 
  • Generative AI. Einstein GPT applies generative AI to streamline workflows through automated document drafting.
  • Continuous Reskilling. We provide professional enablement and change management services for continuous learning on the Salesforce platform.

With industry-leading solutions and real-world expertise, our Salesforce consultants empower future-ready customer engagement. By implementing cutting-edge capabilities tailored to your needs, we drive smarter growth. 

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Salesforce’23 Statistics You Should Know

Explore the dynamic landscape of Salesforce in 2023 with key statistics. From market share to Salesforce product list popularity and geographical trends, these insights shed light on Salesforce’s impact on businesses worldwide. 


Salesforce holds 23% of the Global CRM Market.  

Some of the top competitors of Salesforce in the CRM industry are Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Adobe, etc. 

Market share of top CRM competitors (Salesforce, SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, Adobe). Graph showing percentage of market share for each competitor.
Most popular Salesforce products: Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, and Community Cloud.


List of all Salesforce products that were popular in 2023: 

  • Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Salesforce Platform and Other
  • Marketing & Commerce Cloud
  • Data Cloud


Most of the Salesforce CRM consumers are from the professional services industry. 

Other top segments are manufacturing Banking, and financial services. 

A bar chart displaying the distribution of Salesforce consumers within the industry.
A pie chart showing the distribution of Salesforce CRM software consumers among different segments.


The highest consumers of Sales CRM software are from the United States. 

At the same time, the second-highest share of CRM software consumers is in the United Kingdom. 


Salesforce helped to increase the conversion rates of its clients by 44%.  

It also played a major role in boosting the productivity and win rates of the organization. 

Graph showing Salesforce's clients metrics increasing steadily over time.

The Salesforce ’23 statistics confirm that Salesforce remains a major global CRM leader. By serving diverse industries and boosting metrics like conversion rates, the platform continues enabling organization-wide efficiency and success worldwide. Contact our team to find the best Salesforce solution tailored to your company’s needs. 

What was New in Salesforce’23?

In 2023, Salesforce introduced pivotal updates, reshaping the CRM landscape. These innovations spanned automation, developer tools, user experience enhancements, and strategic business solutions, reflecting Salesforce’s commitment to staying ahead in the rapidly evolving digital era. 

Salesforce Winter’23 updates


  • Clone Lightning Apps (Beta): Introduces the ability to clone custom Lightning apps based on existing ones. 
  • Dynamic Forms for Standard Objects: Extends dynamic forms to standard objects like Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities. 
  • Sales Cloud for Slack (GA): Facilitates seamless interaction by making Sales Cloud available on Slack. 
  • Account Engagement (Pardot) Enhancements: Simplifies prospect synchronization in Account Engagement with one-click sync. 
  • Dynamic Related List Filters: Enables the selection of multiple filter values for picklist fields in dynamic-related list filters. 
  • New in Flow: Offers various updates, including cut-and-paste functionality, formula builder enhancements, and more. 
  • New Einstein Solution: Introduces Interactive Einstein Search Answers for quick and context-aware information extraction. 


  • DevOps Center: Replaces ChangeSets, integrating with version control systems for improved migration. 
  • Dynamic Actions for Standard Objects: Expands Dynamic Actions functionality to all standard objects. 
  • Migrate to Flow Tool: Facilitates the migration of Process Builder to Flow for streamlined processes. 
  • Bring External Data into Flow (Beta): Automates processes with external data using flow builder actions. 
  • System.enqueueJob Method Enhancement: Simplifies scheduling queueable jobs with a specified delay. 

Salesforce Spring’23 updates

Salesforce Summer’23 updates


Updates for Users: 

  • No New Process Builder Creation: Discontinues the creation of new Process Builders, allowing activation and editing. 
  • Dynamic Forms for Mobile Users (Beta): Extends dynamic forms functionality to mobile devices. 
  • Enhanced Visualizations: Adds rich text fields and images to dashboards for engaging and informative displays. 
  • Mass Quick Actions on Related Lists (Beta): Enables creation and mass updates of related records directly from the list page. 
  • Scheduled Knowledge Article Publishing: Allows scheduling knowledge articles for precise communication timing. 

Updates for Developers: 

  • Access Labels in Apex Dynamically: Resolves label names dynamically at runtime. 
  • Query Five Levels of Parent-to-Child Relationships in SOQL: Expands SOQL queries to support relationships spanning up to five levels. 
  • Real-Time Screen Updates with Formulas (Beta): Configures on-screen components to perform real-time calculations using formulas. 
  • Search and Display Data Table Results in Screen Flows: Enhances data table results in screen flows for efficient navigation. 
  • Develop Offline-Ready LWCs with LWC Offline Test Harness: Accelerates development, testing, and debugging processes for Lightning web components. 


  • Einstein Copilot Integration: Empowers sales teams with context-aware emails and guides through simple prompts. 
  • AI-Recommended Actions for Service Agents: Provides AI-driven actions based on meeting transcripts, data updates, and communications. 
  • Einstein’s Self-Service Data Preparation and Templating: Enables users to build tailored sites and catalogs with ease. 
  • Free Tableau and DataCloud Licenses: Democratizes analytics, allowing more users to access powerful data insights.  
  • Einstein Studio Innovations: Ensures AI aligns with diverse business needs, enhancing business capabilities. 

Salesforce Dreamforce’23 updates

In summary, Salesforce’s 2023 updates cater to diverse user needs, ranging from enhanced automation and developer tools to improved user experiences and strategic business innovations. Our team stays on the pulse of all the latest updates, ensuring that we are well-equipped to incorporate the newest features into your project with enthusiasm and expertise. 

What to expect on the Salesforce Spring ’24 release

Salesforce Spring’24 updates

The upcoming Salesforce Spring ’24 release promises major enhancements across the platform. Key highlights include innovations in generative AI, deeper Slack integrations, sustainability tracking tools, and more tailored vertical solutions. 

Einstein GPT, Salesforce’s new generative AI engine, will enable more natural conversations with customers across sales, service, and marketing. Our experts can help you leverage Einstein GPT to boost team productivity. 

An expanded Slack-First Customer 360 will break down departmental silos by embedding the popular collaboration tool across your organization. Our consultants can seamlessly connect Slack and Salesforce to enhance real-time team coordination. 

There is also a major focus on enabling companies to track sustainability KPIs like carbon emissions directly within Salesforce. As climate change concerns escalate, our team can help implement these new green solutions. 

Additionally, Spring ’24 will see expanded industry-specific capabilities across sectors like retail, healthcare, and financial services. Our vertical market expertise helps ensure you maximize the value of these tailored Salesforce solutions. 

The Future of Salesforce

The future of Salesforce promises tremendous growth and innovation across the landscape as the world’s leading CRM platform. 

Salesforce plans to strengthen AI and machine learning for greater personalization through data-driven insights. The Salesforce Einstein engine will power more intuitive, conversational interactions
Additionally, Salesforce aims to expand its AppExchange marketplace with new third-party integrations while pushing into specialized verticals like financial services and healthcare. Geographic expansion also remains a priority, especially in high-growth Asia-Pacific regions.  
For partners like us, this presents significant opportunities to develop tailored solutions for untapped markets. With domain expertise in emerging areas like sustainability and generative AI, we are poised to deliver strong ROI as an early mover. 

With over 9 million new Salesforce jobs expected by 2026, there is a tremendous opportunity for skilled professionals. Salaries also continue rising with average admin pay approaching $100k. 

By leading ambitious innovation across AI, sustainability, vertical expansion, and more, Salesforce provides cutting-edge capabilities for highly personalized, omnichannel customer experiences. This enables companies to transform customer relationships and succeed in the digital era. 


As Salesforce continues to shape the future of CRM with its groundbreaking updates and forward-looking trends, our team stands ready to guide you through the evolving Salesforce landscape. With a deep understanding of the latest Salesforce innovations, including hyper-personalization, voice-activated CRM, sustainability solutions, generative AI, and continuous reskilling, we are well-equipped to integrate these transformative features into your projects.  Leverage Routine Automation to unlock seamless integration, advanced AI solutions, and a transformative digital experience. Connect with our team today to future-proof your Salesforce strategy and embark on a journey of smarter growth. 

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