Everything you need to know about Salesforce Spring’23 Release  

3 min 06.01.2023 Updated: 16.07.2024
Check our mini-guide to find out the definition of releases, how to work with them, and what things you should pay attention to first. We at Routine Automation have taken the upcoming Salesforce Spring’23 Release as an example.  

What is Salesforce Release?

Salesforce Release is a list of new Salesforce features and adds-on related to Salesforce products. This list defines as Release Notes – the first brief look at the new functionality that is being applied across the Salesforce products. Releases occur three times per year: in Spring, in Summer, and in Winter.  

How does Salesforce Release work? 

Salesforce releases start about 3 months before they are going to be in production. The Launch automatically takes place on specific dates up to a year in advance on the Salesforce website. You can find information about how to use release notes on Salesforce Help.  

What are the Key Dates of the Spring’23 Release?

The key Salesforce Spring’23 release will be held on January 13, February 3, and February 10.  Release Notes are already available. 

Where can I find the Release Notes? 

You can find the list of the new updates on the Salesforce Help website.  

What updates does the Salesforce Release include?

  • Analytics
  • Commerce
  • Experience Cloud
  • Field Service
  • Industries
  • Marketing Cloud Account Engagement  
  • Mobile  
  • Service  
  • Sales  
  • Salesforce Flow  

and more Salesforce updates to use in the Salesforce Spring’23 Release 

What do you need to pay attention to (a little bit of Tutorial)

  • 1. Consider several things: How do you prepare your sandbox and When will your instance be upgraded?    
  • 2. Do not forget to test the key use cases of your Salesforce org before the release dates. Ensure that everything works as it is the way it’s supposed to. 
  • 3. If you know the instance your production org is located on, go to the Salesforce Trust. Click the instance name, click “Maintenance” and you will see the date of the release hitting your Salesforce org. If you don’t, head to “Company Information” within “Setup” in your Salesforce.  
  • 4. Keep tracking the updates of your sandbox. It will be the first touch to test your system on the upcoming Salesforce release.  
  • 5. You can sign up for a pre-release org. It’s an excellent option to get familiar with the new Salesforce release before it goes to your sandbox. But there will be not any of your org configurations. 

Who can benefit from Salesforce Releases?

Sales reps. In the Spring’23 Release sales teams can find new updates for core sales features, sales engagement, revenue intelligence, pipeline inspection, pipeline inspection, enablement for sales teams, and more. Take your sales to the next level.      

Marketers. The upcoming Salesforce release will deliver your marketers updates for Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot) with general enhancements and integrations. Empower enhanced marketing platforms to improve performance.    

Customer support specialists. Agents can discover new Spring’23 Release features for Service Cloud channels, Einstein for services, Customer Service Incident Management, etc. Reduce the workload of your customer support managers and improve case management.

eCommerce owners. Let eCommerce owners use new templates for B2B stores, new promotion features, multiple currencies, and ship-to countries. Enable improved Omnichannel Inventory, Salesforce Order Management, and Salesforce Payments. Let your customers receive a convenient and user-friendly interface.    

Salesforce Developers and Administrators. Salesforce engineers will receive enhanced development. They can see updates in Salesforce Flows, Lightning Components, Lightning Design System, Visualforce, Apex, API, and others. Get boosted tools to configure best-in-class Salesforce solutions. 

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