Guide for Small Business: Unlocking Growth with Salesforce Pro Suite

9 min 21.03.2024 Updated: 16.07.2024

In the evolving digital landscape, Salesforce for small businesses is not just a CRM platform; it’s a growth accelerator, reshaping how SMEs connect with customers and streamline operations. With Salesforce Pro Suite, your small business can tap into advanced features and strategies for measurable success and scalability. Our comprehensive guide unveils how this all-in-one CRM solution supports expansion with advanced features, customization, and automation.  

What is Salesforce for Small Business?

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Small businesses, commonly characterized by an annual revenue of less than $50 million and a workforce ranging from a few individuals to several hundred employees, are integral to the global economy. Salesforce for Small Business represents a transformative approach to customer relationship management (CRM), specifically designed to cater to the unique dynamics and challenges of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

At its core, this powerful, cloud-based platform offers:  

1. Centralized customer data management 
Organize and access all customer interactions and data from a single source, fostering improved customer service and personalized experiences. 

2. Scalable solutions 
Whether your business is just starting or waiting to expand, Salesforce grows with you, offering tailored solutions that meet your evolving needs.  

3. Advanced automation and AI  
Streamline operations with automation tools and leverage AI for insights that drive better business decisions. 

4. Comprehensive integration capabilities  
Seamlessly integrate with a wide range of apps and software, enhancing your business’s efficiency and connectivity.  

5. Accessibility and mobility  
Stay connected and manage your business on the go with mobile access to your CRM, so you can take advantage of every opportunity.

In summary, Salesforce for Small Business provides a robust framework for small businesses to thrive in today’s competitive marketplace. It centralizes data, automates processes, and delivers scalable solutions that enable small businesses to provide exceptional customer experiences, make data-driven decisions, and achieve sustainable growth.  

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Advantages of Using Salesforce for Small Businesses

Implementing Salesforce for small businesses goes beyond basic CRM functionality to unlock a rich set of benefits to drive growth and customer satisfaction. 

Centralized сustomer data 
Achieve a 360-degree view of each customer, enhancing personalization across channels.

Salesforce automation 
Equip your sales team with tools to identify hot leads, monitor deal stages, and secure faster closures. 

Marketing automation 
Utilize lead scoring, email workflows, and campaign analytics to nurture and convert leads effectively. 

Customer support 
Deliver omnichannel support through call centers, chat, and self-service portals for scalable, personalized customer service.

Insightful analytics 
Dashboards and reports offer insights into sales trends and support workloads, guiding strategic decisions.

Salesforce for small businesses provides the foundation for robust sales, marketing, and customer service strategies. Routine Automation, certified Salesforce partner, can help you harness these benefits to drive business growth.  

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The Salesforce SMB Editions and Options 

For small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) navigating the competitive landscape, Salesforce presents tailored solutions to harness the power of the #1 CRM effectively and affordably. The Salesforce pricing structure meets the unique needs of small businesses by offering two primary suites:   

Starter Suite  
Priced at 25$/user/month, the Starter Suite is an all-encompassing CRM solution emphasizing simplicity without compromising capability. Developed for companies looking for a robust CRM without requiring extensive customization. Key features include:  

Dynamic email marketing and analytics 
Empower your marketing campaigns with actionable insights and personalized outreach.

Out-of-the-box sales processes 
Streamline your sales operations with pre-defined processes for efficiency from the start.  

Seamless customer service 
Ensure customer satisfaction with integrated service tools for swift issue resolution.

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Pro Suite  
At 100$/user/month (billed annually), the Pro Suite offers a more flexible CRM experience with enhanced tools for growing businesses ready for the next level of scalability and customization. This edition includes:  

Greater customization and automation 
Tailor the CRM to fit the unique demands of your business and automate workflows to save time.  

Sales quoting and forecasting 
Equip your sales team with advanced tools for accurate forecasting and efficient quote generation.  

Enhanced, real-time chat 
Improve customer interaction with real-time chat capabilities that ensure inquiries receive prompt and effective responses.  

Note: The Pro Suite requires an annual contract.  

Additionally, Salesforce scales with your business through related products like: 

Marketing Account Engagement from 1,250 $/month for advanced marketing automation and analytics

Cloud Enterprise Editions for Sales and Service from 165 $/user/month for comprehensive sales solutions and customer support enhancements.  

Salesforce for Small Business Pro Suite featuring Salesforce Astro, ideal for small businesses.

The platform offers Success Plans to help companies maximize their investment in Salesforce:  

Standard Success Plan 
Included with all licenses, providing on-demand support and resources. 

Premier Success Plan 
At 30% of net license fees, with expert guidance, 24×7 support, and personalized insights. 

Salesforce’s commitment to SMB success is evident through its accessible pricing, extensive feature set, and scalable solutions. Whether starting with the essential capabilities of the Starter Suite or advancing to the Pro Suite’s sophisticated tools, Salesforce empowers small businesses to grow, innovate, and exceed their customer relationship management goals.  

Why Salesforce Pro Suite for Growing Small Businesses? 

Salesforce Astro, symbol of Salesforce for Small Business Pro Suite, that empowers small businesses to grow efficiently.

Choosing the right CRM platform is critical for small businesses on the cusp of expansion. Salesforce Pro Suite stands out as an enhanced, all-in-one CRM solution, bridging the gap between basic CRM functionalities and the complex needs of a growing business. 

Pro Suite demonstrates Salesforce’s commitment to supporting small businesses in a make-or-break year, as identified in a recent Slack survey. With 40% of small businesses acknowledging the critical role of technology in their future success, Salesforce Pro Suite offers a lifeline, providing a robust yet affordable and easy-to-use platform.  

Key features and benefits:  

Seamless transition from Starter Suite 
Customers currently using Salesforce Starter can effortlessly upgrade to Pro Suite, unlocking a world of increased customization, automation, and extended functionalities essential for growing businesses.  

Powered by Einstein 1 Platform and Data Cloud 
The core of Pro Suite leverages Salesforce’s AI capabilities to provide companies with an out-of-the-box solution that simplifies CRM implementation and drives business growth.  

Comprehensive CRM tools in one package
Building on the foundation of the Starter Suite, Pro Suite expands its offerings with:   

Advanced lead generation tools including campaign templates and performance analytics. 

Enhanced sales features like forecasting, quoting, and direct online payments.  

Customer service enhancements with chat and messaging capabilities directly on websites and apps.  

Integration with AppExchange for access to a vast ecosystem of apps and experts to drive industry-specific results.  

Customization and automation 
Pro Suite goes beyond the basics to offer extensive customization, automation, and integration capabilities. These include Flow Automation for streamlining business processes, and custom applications and objects for tailoring CRM to specific business needs.  

Support for complex business processes 
As businesses evolve, so do their operational complexities. Pro Suite provides the tools to support more sophisticated business processes, from sales forecasting and quoting to managing customer service with live chat.  


Salesforce Pro Suite addresses the needs of small but growing businesses that want more than just a basic CRM. It’s for companies with multiple technology systems to integrate or complex operations to manage beyond customer emails and phone calls. Pro Suite sets businesses up for future success by consolidating systems into a single platform, meeting rising customer expectations through AI, automation, and a robust data foundation.  

Salesforce Pro Suite is not just another CRM; it’s a growth partner for small businesses, enabling them to streamline operations, improve customer relationships, and achieve scalable growth. With Salesforce, companies can evolve without ripping and replacing their CRM solutions, providing a scalable, customizable, and efficient way to meet their growing needs.  

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