A Peek into Salesforce Einstein in Marketing Automation  

2 min 18.08.2022 Updated: 18.07.2024

In the previous article, we were talking about frequently asked questions about Salesforce Marketing Cloud. But did not touch an Einstein topic. Not only a great scientist but also no less robust technology invented by Salesforce. Let’s discover Salesforce Einstein for Marketing Automation.  

Einstein Solution №1: Marketing Cloud Einstein Recommendations 

Einstein Recommendations in Marketing Cloud is an artificial intelligence solution that included Email and Web Recommendations features. This solution combines user behaviour with algorithms and unique business rules to build a user profile of affinities.   

With Einstein Recommendations you can do next: 

  • Check whether there is any other event that overwrites an already existing event. 
  • View what others have purchased when adding the items to their cart. 
  • Select the next relevant to the customers’ or visitors’ content piece or images within the email. 

💥What are the key features?  

Web & Email Recommendations by Einstein allows you to observe behavior, build preference profiles, and deliver the next personalized content to each website visitor.  

Using Behavioral Triggers you can reach customers who abandon unpurchased items or services. 

💥What can I get in the end? 

  • Streamlined forecasting  
  • Reduced manual workload 
  • Boosted customer experience  
  • Increased brand awareness  
  • Improved content strategy and more   

Einstein Solution №2: Pardot Einstein  

Pardot Einstein is an artificial intelligence (AI) solution to analyze data from Salesforce and Pardot showing straightforward scores and insights on the most engaged prospects and effective campaigns. 

Based on previous data in Salesforce CRM, Pardot Einstein can predict the following: 

  • The lead is ready to move to the deal.   
  • Send emails at the best time.  
  • Target ideal prospects in engagement programs, automation rules, and dynamic lists.  

💥What are the key features? 

  • Behavior Scoring allows sales managers to identify the ideal potential sales targets. 

  • Einstein Campaign Insights can help to optimize campaign assets and find new audiences. 

  • Einstein Attribution can analyze historical campaigns and find emerging patterns. 

  • Send Time Optimization shows when emails should be sent based on past engagement data from a database. 

  • Key Accounts Identification provides a tiered ranking for individual accounts. 

💥What can I get in the end? 

  • Improved analytics 
  • Boosted email strategy 
  • Streamlined business processes 
  • Accelerated sales and marketing  
  • Enhanced forecasting and more  



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