Marketing Cloud Growth Edition

7 min 06.03.2024 Updated: 16.07.2024

Salesforce has announced a revolutionary new product that promises to change small and midsize businesses’ approaches to marketing. The company is introducing Marketing Cloud Growth Edition — a powerful, data-driven marketing automation tool built on the robust Salesforce platform and infused with cutting-edge AI capabilities

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, businesses of all sizes look for ways to streamline their marketing efforts, deliver personalized experiences, and drive meaningful customer engagement. Marketing Cloud Growth Edition addresses these challenges head-on, offering a comprehensive suite of features designed to empower businesses with enterprise-level marketing automation capabilities. This article explores how this suite can benefit your business

What is the Marketing Cloud Growth Edition?

Marketing Cloud Growth Edition is a groundbreaking new offering from Salesforce, designed to empower small and medium-sized businesses with enterprise-level marketing automation capabilities. 

This innovative solution is built natively on the Salesforce platform, harnessing the power of Einstein’s Generative AI and Data Cloud on one platform.  

Small and medium-sized businesses often struggle with limited resources and personnel, making it challenging to execute effective marketing campaigns. Marketing Cloud Growth Edition addresses these pain points by providing a comprehensive suite of tools that streamline and automate various marketing tasks, allowing businesses to focus on strategy and growth.

An image showing a graph with upward trend lines, representing customer data from Marketing Cloud Growth Edition.

Key Features of Growth Edition

This innovative offering boasts a wealth of powerful features designed to empower businesses with enterprise-level marketing automation capabilities: 

1. Unified customer data

Leverage the Data Cloud to create a centralized view of your customers, enabling data-driven, personalized, and targeted marketing efforts. With a 360-degree understanding of your audience, you can craft tailored campaigns that resonate with their unique needs and preferences. 

2. Intuitive campaign building 

Design multi-channel campaigns effortlessly, leveraging the power of Salesforce Flow for automation and personalization. Seamlessly orchestrate customer journeys across multiple touchpoints, ensuring a cohesive and engaging experience, from email to social media. 

3. Responsive marketing assets

Build responsive, SEO-friendly landing pages, forms, and emails using the intuitive, drag-and-drop Experience Cloud builder. Say goodbye to complex coding and embrace a user-friendly interface that empowers you to create visually stunning and mobile-optimized assets with minimal effort. 

4. Einstein generative AI

Harness the capabilities of AI-powered Einstein Generative AI to generate campaign briefs, email content, social media posts, and audience segments with minimal effort. Save time and resources while leveraging cutting-edge technology to craft compelling and relevant marketing materials. 

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What Marketing Functionality is Included?

Discover effective ways to utilize Marketing Cloud Growth Edition and social networks to enhance your business growth.

Marketing Cloud Growth Edition offers a comprehensive set of marketing functionalities tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. Here’s what you can expect:

Campaign management

Single Email with Einstein: Generate complete email campaigns with Einstein’s AI assistance. 

Single Email Template: Customize pre-built responsive email templates. 

Blank Email Campaign: Start from scratch and create your email campaigns. 

Message Template Series: Build multi-email journeys with customizable templates. 

Single Form Template: Create landing pages with integrated forms for lead generation.

Asset building 

Landing Page Builder: Create SEO-optimized and responsive landing pages for B2C marketing campaigns. 

Form Builder: Design intuitive and flexible forms for lead capture and customer data collection. 

Email Builder: Craft visually appealing and mobile-friendly emails with drag-and-drop functionality. 

Automation and personalization

Salesforce Flow Integration: Automate marketing processes and customer journeys with powerful flow automation. 

Wait Step Flexibility: Set wait steps in minutes, hours, days, or specific times for precise journey orchestration. 

Asset Approval Workflows: Streamline content approval processes within your team. 

Social media integration
Seamlessly integrate with popular social media platforms to extend your reach and amplify your marketing efforts. 

With its powerful features, comprehensive marketing functionalities, and seamless integration with the Salesforce platform, Marketing Cloud Growth Edition empowers small and medium-sized businesses to execute sophisticated, data-driven marketing campaigns effectively. Embrace the future of marketing and unlock new growth opportunities for your business with this game-changing solution from Salesforce. 

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AI Capabilities of the Marketing Cloud Growth Edition 

Einstein co-create 
Generate campaign briefs, email assets, social media posts, and Data Cloud segments using generative AI. 

Einstein send time optimization 
Determine the optimal send times for your campaigns based on historical engagement data. 

Einstein metrics guard 
Protect your email activity data by filtering out security scanner clicks and opens. 

Einstein segment creation 
Easily create targeted audience segments within Data Cloud. 

By combining the power of the Salesforce platform, Einstein Generative AI, and Data Cloud, this innovative offering streamlines marketing efforts, delivers personalized experiences, and drives meaningful customer engagement. The AI capabilities can help your business grow by optimizing campaigns, generating compelling content, and targeting the right audiences efficiently. 


With the announcement of Marketing Cloud Growth Edition, Salesforce has once again demonstrated its commitment to empowering businesses of all sizes with powerful and innovative solutions. This cutting-edge offering combines the robustness of the Salesforce platform with the latest advancements in generative AI and data management, enabling small and medium-sized businesses to execute sophisticated marketing campaigns

Routine Automation team specializes in implementing tailored Salesforce solutions, including Marketing Cloud Growth Edition. Our experts can guide you through the implementation process, ensuring seamless integration with your existing systems and maximizing the value of this innovative offering. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more about how Marketing Cloud Growth Edition can propel your business to new heights in marketing excellence. 

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