Jitterbit: How integrations help your business to succeed

2 min 26.01.2021 Updated: 18.07.2024

Cloud technologies are improving and developing. By implementing them, companies realize they must be able to connect various applications and data to let business succeed. This request can be handled by an integration platform that is offered through the cloud, such as Jitterbit.

“Businesses that connect the design of information and business process with technology will exceed average sector performance by at least 15%”

Jitterbit for business

In simple terms, Jitterbit is a set of products and connectors for basic enterprise applications and databases integrations.

“Jitterbit is integration platform that can rapidly connect SaaS, on-premise and cloud applications and instantly infuse artificial intelligence into any business process. With Jitterbit companies can easily eliminate obstacles and streamline the business process with information of multiple applications into a single. Jitterbit removes the complexity from data integration with its visual interface and wizard-driven tools”
Routine Automation technical specialist Alexander Guzarevich

The key function is that it not only allows you to connect two systems, but also fast and easily transform data between them, so they can communicate with each other without any difficulties.

Imagine that your business needs a tool to transform data between two systems and you want to connect your SaaS, on-premises and cloud applications in just a few days. Jitterbit, as a tool that combines the speed and flexibility, needed for successful cloud integration, will easily cope with this task. By combining and leveraging data from all sources, the platform enables business directors to make faster, more accurate, and more effective decisions.  

Clicks Without Code System

Jitterbit also aims to allow companies to seamlessly integrate all of their disparate applications with clicks, rather than code. The idea is that any business user can connect and deploy applications on the Jitterbit platform without any programming experience, which in turn will allow the company to completely or partially abandon the hiring of IT specialists to solve such tasks and save a lot of resources like time and money.

Let us say, moreover, this platform is intended for non-technical business users, and you don’t need to be a developer to use it. Jitterbit’s intuitive point-and-click UI makes it simple to automate manual processes and eliminate manual entry of data, reducing the amount of paper, email, fax and human interaction required to complete a given business process. Information technology is evolving so rapidly that giving users without technical skills the ability to integrate solutions at the touch of a button is becoming increasingly valuable for businesses that want to scale quickly and ultimately succeed.

Jitterbit is not only easy to use and execute but is also a great example of a company with a growing customer base and an expanding partner network around the world. Gartner named Jitterbit as a leader in their 2020 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service report. According to another Gartner Critical Capabilities for Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service report, Jitterbit received the highest score in B2B integration use case. Does it mean B2B customers are more likeable to use this tool due to the reason of benefits to business growth and development? Let’s make research.

What Problems Can You Solve Using Jitterbit?

We have collected some reviews about this technology on G2.com, for example, such as:

“We use Jitterbit to run upwards of 50 scheduled data jobs on a daily basis. These jobs query our core systems and then upset that client and product data into Salesforce giving us a 360 view of our clients. Jitterbit also enables us to transform the data to enable reporting and enhance readability. We’ve also used Jitterbit to extract data from Salesforce and send it to partner companies.”

“Automation of many data loads that would have been manual. It has saved time and money and allowed us to get more done.”

“We are automating daily, weekly, monthly and intermittent (as needed) inserts and updates to Salesforce, removing human effort and room for error.”

“Transfer of data in legacy business systems to cloud-based tools for the purposes of workflow automation. The resulting workflows have reduced turn-around times by a full business day and reduced staffing operational expenses by over $600K in the first two years. All without using a single IT resource.”

“Jitterbit has enhanced the capabilities of our Marketing appeals. Where previously it could take 160 hours of manual data entry to accomplish a specific campaign, we have now automated that work for our staff. For our FY20, our staff were saved over 6000 hours, which in turn saved our company over $500,000 in FTE.”

After summarizing a considerable number of reviews and the above-mentioned arguments, we can state the following:

  1. Jitterbit is a reliable and safe platform
  2. Jitterbit is a great tool for ease of doing business
  3. Jitterbit has an easy-to-use interface

How Can We Help You?

While the simple integration with the free version of Jitterbit is very easy to use and deploy, the integration version can only be fully used with professional help. Inexperienced handling can lead to a large number of errors, which can also lead to large monetary losses. Therefore, for medium and large database projects, we strongly recommend using professional services.

Don’t be shy! We strongly believe Jitterbit has proven to be a powerful tool and a really robust technology. Read more about Work.com and Customer 360.

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