Celebrating the Makers This Programmer’s Day

1 min 13.09.2023 Updated: 16.07.2024

September 13th marks Programmer’s Day, appreciating the creators driving technology innovation. Our team honors the passion, creativity, and problem-solving skills of our developers worldwide. Let’s explore the origins of this day and recognize the programmers making a difference

Programmer’s Day became internationally recognized in 2009. The date was chosen because in binary, 256 (September 13th) represents the number of unique values in 8 bits of data — a fitting choice! 

So, on this 256th day, we celebrate programmers everywhere tirelessly working to advance humanity. You contribute to progress by developing software frameworks, applications, algorithms, and AI thanks to your inventiveness and technical expertise. 

The programmers create apps enabling accessibility, build robots revolutionizing healthcare, design programs to protect the environment, and more. Their vision is limited only by the technology available. 

Where would we be without our coding champions — our engineers! Your technical wizardry and innovation magic are what keep our business growing and flowing. Thanks for using your dev skills to build the tools and tech that rock this company. Y’all are the real MVPs! 

Furthermore, Programmer’s Day serves as a timely reminder for those who are just getting started that programming can be a hugely rewarding activity. Anyone can learn how to code creative solutions with dedication and practice. 

So, whether you’re a seasoned developer or an aspiring novice, Happy Programmer’s Day! Keep unleashing your creativity. Combine logic and design to make ideas a reality. And code the future you want to see. 

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