2 Popular Integrations to address Marketing Cloud challenges  

2 min 24.06.2022 Updated: 16.07.2024

In the previous article, we were talking about integration between GetFeedback and Salesforce Service Cloud. This time it will be talked quite a lot about Marketing Cloud integrations. The RA Marketing Cloud expert shared with us her experience with integrations and highlighted 2 top integrations clients usually ask to address their Marketing Cloud challenges. Let’s deep dive into them.   

SalesWings for Salesforce Marketing Cloud: lead website tracking and lead scoring 

SalesWings is a solution for tracking leads on websites and predicting leads for Salesforce Marketing Cloud.   

What are the key benefits?   

  • Fast track the engagement data of key potential customers on the website to determine the preferences of your products and services.  
  • Collect custom tracking events using a website tag management solution such as Google Tag Manager, Adobe Tag Management and others.  
  • All data is fully available both in Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud.   

How to implement it?  

This plug-and-play solution you can find on AppExchange or directly contact with SalesWings. The Routine Automation team can help you to integrate the solution and find the best option to suit your business needs.   

FormAssembly: Work with forms and pass submitted data in Salesforce Marketing Cloud   

FormAssembly is a solution to securely build workflows and web forms that can create or update objects. Robust integration with Salesforce allows users to create, update, or search for any standard or custom Salesforce objects, pre-fill forms, and more.  

Key benefits:  

  • Create and publish forms without any help from design staff and automate form workflow on landing pages.  
  • Seamless integration into the CRM saves time and resources on data entry.  
  • Flexibility in how data is transferred to Salesforce.  

You should have a FormAssembly Professional, Premier, or Enterprise Plan, depending on the integration. 


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