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Streamlining Charge Point Sales with Salesforce


One of Europe’s largest operators of energy networks and infrastructure, providing innovative energy solutions.


Energy & Utilites


The client facilitates the transition to electric mobility by offering customized fleet electrification and charging solution to reduce CO2 emissions from vehicles. 

Project Team

The RA team provided team:   
🙂 1 Salesforce Technical Architect/Consultant    
🙂🙂 2 Salesforce Engineers    
🙂 1 Team Lead 


Evaluating locations for charge point installations requires comparing many factors. The company needed to analyze the global pipeline and measure performance.  
According to the business requirements, our consultants offered Salesforce Sales Cloud which enables creating a charge point sales funnel, visually representing data, and storing partner history to improve productivity. 







Salesforce Sales Cloud Enhancement:

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Improved Lead Conversion: Our team implemented streamlined data entry, made Salesforce and sales optimization, and advanced lead conversion techniques, resulting in significantly improved lead conversion features. 

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Integrated Forecasting for Pipeline Analysis: Our skilled professionals successfully integrated data forecasting at the Lead & Opportunity levels, providing a comprehensive analysis of the charge point pipeline. 

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Efficient Sales Data Migration: Our dedicated team seamlessly migrated existing sales data into Salesforce, ensuring a smooth transition and maximizing the efficient utilization of Salesforce functionality. 

Leads Tracking Optimization:

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Comprehensive Information Storage: Our team successfully optimized the storage of detailed lead information during negotiations, covering contact details, marketing information, value data, and site information.

Outlook Emails Integration: 

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360-Degree Overview: Our experts critically integrated Outlook emails with shared mailboxes, providing a holistic 360-degree overview of partner interactions and significantly improving decision-making and sales strategy preparation. 



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Accelerated Charge Point Sales: Thanks to our team’s efforts, the implemented enhancements resulted in a notable acceleration of charge point sales. 

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Efficient Salesforce Utilization: Our team ensured the efficient utilization of Salesforce capabilities, contributing to enhanced overall performance. 

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Increased Data Consistency: With our meticulous approach, we improved data consistency throughout the system, fostering reliability. 

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Boosted Productivity: Our team’s expertise enhanced productivity through consistent processes and automated data insights, positively impacting overall team efficiency. 

Tools & Technologies

Salesforce Sales Cloud, Lead & Opportunity Management, Reports, Dashboards, Email Integration.