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Salesforce portal support and implementation for the healthcare services provider


Our client provides medical recommendations from qualified specialists. ​The developed software allows patients and medical workers to track the history of diseases and the lifestyle of patients, and maintain communication between patients and medical specialists.




The client asked for the patient’s personal account where they could track all the information and the doctor could give recommendations, prescriptions, and so on.  Based on the customer’s wishes, the Routine automation team offered Salesforce Customer Community implementation with its customization.     

The RA team has set up and branded Customer Community – a portal where patients can create a personal account to track information and engage with doctors can give their recommendations, prescribe prescriptions, etc. Our experts have created pages for user self-registration and login for the community.
To provide a patient with a security side, two-factor authentication has been implemented. After entering a username and a password a patient will be logged in to Experience Cloud. Then, prompted to provide one of the verification methods, in our case a verification code.

In order to fully use the community, a custom login with registration pages has been configured. After checking the validity of an entered verification code, the patient will be redirected to the community landing page if the code is entered correctly.  
To display tasks, prescriptions and schedules from the doctors to their patients, special custom pages have been added. 



🚀 Boosted patient’s loyalty with trustworthy relationships improvement between doctors and patients  

🚀 Decreased costs for customer support

🚀 A security side has been improved

🚀 Achieved qualified leads growth

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