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Salesforce customization for the manufacturing company


The client  is a multinational US company, the world’s leading kitchen, and laundry appliance company. The company markets and other major brand names in nearly every country throughout the world.  




The client is using the SAP system and asked to configure integration with the e-commerce site across different brands and different regions and to integrate Marketing Cloud with the website to improve the marketing strategy. All data is in one system with each company’s business unit. Due to the company’s goals, we offered marketing processes improvement through email automation with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. 

Order, Cancellation and Acquisition Confirmation Emails have been added. When customers take an action through the website or mobile app, then automated messages are sent to them, containing valuable information about their order, cancellation, or acquisition processes.
The team has customized Abandoned Cart and Double Opt-In logic. When a customer purchases some products on the website, and some of them put in an abandoned cart, a special email with these abandoned products will be sent offering some similar ones. 
Email Templates and Post-Purchase Surveys have been developed. A special survey is sent to customers after purchasing in case of collecting the information about customer satisfaction.  

Finally, we have configured Einstein Analytics to guide sales forecasting with sales department key KPI highlighted on a dashboard.  

Einstein can automatically capture and analyse important data from customer e-mail f.ex, providing intelligent, informed insights, and suggesting next steps for each potential client.  



🚀 Expand capabilities and alleviate questions to strengthen trust and respect    

🚀 Boosted customer satisfaction to create a better customer experience and build a trustworthy relationship     

🚀 Customer relationship improvement to build a relevant brand image  

🚀 Email marketing strategy improvement, personalization and convenience were delivered in order to drive business growth 

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