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Increase up-sales & cross-sales volumes with Service & Sales Clouds customization 


The client is an automotive company that provides a transaction platform to purchase selected and used cars online. 




Our client came up with the idea of improving a standard package of The Sales and Service Clouds functionality to manage better analytics and support services and integrate with various systems. According to the business requirements, our consultants offered Sales Cloud and Service Cloud customizations with 3rd party systems integration.  

🚩 The web-to-lead form has been configured to capture information about visitors from the client’s website and renew existing leads through the RestResorce technology, then put and save it in Salesforce.     

🚩 The issue was about automatically transforming inbound customers’ emails into cases, which agents can resolve quickly and effectively. The team has implemented email-to-case with custom functionality and
a case management solution. 

🚩 Custom development functionality to disable email distribution by the client’s request, development of email editing functionality using LWC components.   

🚩 Also, we have set up an integration with the Cross Engage platform to integrate Salesforce with the marketing platform which the client continues to use. 
🚩 To provide the analytical part in Salesforce and display all data in graphics, charts and tables representation, reports and dashboards according to the needs of users have been added. Updating installed packages and the current functionality of the Car Reservation software.  
🚩 To deliver customer support service, live agent technology has been configured to allow agents to communicate with their customers on a website in real-time, as well as to add new leads. When online there is no agent, a chatbot tool has been configured to let customers find answers to their complex questions faster with instant response and thus spent less time on making decisions to purchase and get a better customer experience. 



🚀 Website lead generation strategy enhancement

With the help of the web-to-lead form, the client has collected more relevant data to manage it in Salesforce  

🚀 Customer engagement personalization

Boosted customer experience through the multi-channel customer service solutions

🚀 Increased sales volume

The client has obtained cost-effective tools to increase up-sales & cross-sales volume, and the budget for customer support expenses also has been optimized due to provided automation

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