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Sales Cloud & FSL configuration to improve sales and boost customer engagement  


The client provided world-class service and innovative water treatment solutions for the last 80 years, from the simplest filtration system to complex industrial water solutions. 




The client was not satisfied with the standard functionality of adding quotas and that’s why requested  a solution to manage and configure lead opportunities with the quote’s custom development. Also, the client asked for a solution to improve field service processes. After communicating with business users, the Routine Automation team has suggested implementing Sales Cloud with customized solutions. 

🚩Based on the client’s business needs, sales processes have been configured to track and manage opportunities and quotes in CRM.   
🚩The client raised the question of how to make prices more flexible. In this case, the RA team has configured price book automation to let products exist with different associated prices in Salesforce.  
🚩To deliver improved loyalty to customers an auto-response solution has been implemented. When a prospect leaves a request, a special email will be sent, such as “thank you for the message, your request has been submitted”.    
🚩The client’s idea was to implement a solution to create custom PDF development for quotes. A Visualforce PDF template, a user interface framework, has been delivered. 

🚩Field Service Lightning solution optimization with picklists implementation. A widget that shows a list of selectable options has been configured to facilitate and speed up data entry guiding field service agents in the right direction.    
🚩The RA team has configured a field service lightning platform integration with 3rd party system to power integration with another business’s app or web service.    



🚀 Sales improvement  

The client has increased sales by 18% with Salesforce solutions implementation 

🚀Boosted customer engagement 

Customers have become more loyal with help of Salesforce solutions which delivers a personal approach to each customer 

🚀 Reduced workload 

The sales managers save time on setting prices with the price book solution and now can redirect time on more priority tasks
🚀 Accelerated field service 

The field service agents can close cases faster and therefore make customers happier    

Tools & Technologies

Salesforce Sales Cloud: Price Book Automation, Auto-response, A Visualforce PDF Template. Field Service Lightning: Picklists, Integration with 3rd party systems