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Improve customer experience with Marketing Automation   


Our client is a travel agency, headquartered in Germany. It has around 75 thousand active clients, who are subscribed to its newsletter and with whom you need to keep in constant communication.


Travel and Hospitality


The client requested a data complexity with Salesforce integration. At the same time, the company already moved their business to a customized Salesforce Sales Cloud and needed to implement a marketing solution. Through analysis of the current situation, the prospect of scaling and the company’s development plans suggested using Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

🚩 Marketing Cloud implementation with data migration processes based on the client’s requirements.  

🚩 Full compliance with GDPR and Double Opt-In campaign has been provided which requires subscribers to confirm their e-mail address by simply clicking a link in an e-mail they receive after subscription and ensures subscribers are on the list who wants to be subscribed.  

🚩Preference center has been built to provide the ability to have both profile and subscription information on one page to manage prospects’ preferences.  

🚩The RA team has configured a Newsletter landing page for prospect’s engagement and provided special journeys. After a newsletter subscription, a new subscriber automatically receives a greeting card and a discount coupon. If a subscriber doesn’t open the newsletter within 6 months, then a special reminder will be sent. It maintains and enhances knowledge about your company’s services or offerings, which increases the possibility of repeat sales.   



🚀 Customer experience improvement
The team has delivered personalized and targeted content and built credibility.   

🚀 Increased brand awareness with boosted engagement program

Prospects are in the engagement program which has been delivered by the newsletter landing page.    

Tools & Technologies

Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Data Migration, Double Opt-In, Preference Center, Newsletter Landing Page, Journeys