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Service Cloud & Integration with 3rd party system for Financial services organization


The financial services organization specializes in mortgage lending with its headquarters in the UK. 




The CLIENT’s request was to build a user-friendly interface for customers to place a mortgage application, track the application consideration, and provide additional documents if necessary. The Challenge also was to create an interface to let a broker make a quick request for a client’s rating to know his status. It helps to identify the potential client for whom a mortgage application should be approved.

According to the client’s business requirements, the RA team offered the following: 
🚩 Our experts have implemented a Community Portal where clients can leave their applications for mortgage consideration. Based on the inner rules of the bank system, a branched flow script has been delivered to request basic information for mortgage application consideration. It makes it easy for customers to find answers in the community fast by automatically surfacing the information they need from multiple sources. Give access to groups, experts, and customer MVPs to keep them coming back. As well as make it possible to process applications for mortgages faster and create a custom card.

🚩 Integration with the organization’s database and scoring system was implemented to identify opportunities according to data from the system. Creating schedules more consistently and generating nearly any payment schedule. SF allows gathering all data from the already existing system in a few simple steps.
🚩 The inner interface with the client’s requests has been configured for the broker’s convenience. We have created flexible assignment rules for the specific agent on inbound applications and implemented the opportunity to fill mortgage forms by brokers.

🚩Additionally, a Partner Community has been built for distributors selling mortgages with a commission. It may enable partners to collaborate on leads or prospects and opportunities or deals. It leads to an increase in sales through resellers, distributors, agencies, and brokers. The calculation of remuneration is also implemented in the system. So partners can close the deal in a couple of clicks and get their servicing fees.



🚀 Simplified receiving of mortgage loan 

Speed of closed deals Increased, as well as transparency, and teamwork throughout the mortgage process. Such an approach as Open collaboration inspires trust and repeat sales

🚀 Streamline the mortgage process

Reduced complexity for loan officers and borrowers with guided, connected processes across any system or channel. Consolidated relevant data into a single view, made it easy to track progress, manage documentation, and collaborate every step of the way

🚀 Customer experience improved

Simply saying, the Community Portal & Partner Community gets the ability for customers and partners to help themselves, and each other

🚀 Increased the number of closed deals

This is what Analytics said

Tools & Technologies

Salesforce Service Cloud: Community Portal
Community Cloud: Partner Community
Integration with 3rd party system